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Portofino Divers - a dedicated dive center for those who seek the finest - was set up with the aim of offering a premier quality service to those who are interested in diving the Portofino National Marine Reserve and the many shipwrecks off the eastern coast of Liguria. You can join their team for 6 days of wreck diving safari to explore some of the most beautiful shipwrecks off the Ligurian coast. …
Montague Island is a popular scuba diving destination, known for its underwater wildlife. It is a great location for whale watching and seeing dolphins or penguins in the wild but especially renowned for the seals. Montague Island is a part of the Montague Island Nature Reserve, a protected nature reserve with restricted access along guided tours only. The 80-acre island is located offshore from the South Coast region of New South Wales, in eastern Australia. The closest point of departure (5,6 miles) is the city of Narooma. …
Hurricane Factory Prague is the only wind tunnel in the Czech Republic (2015). A privately operated company offers a flying chamber with diameter of 14 feet (4.3 meters) and height of 45.9 feet (14 meters). It is open all year round, Mon - Sun: 9:00 - 21:00 CET. It is located in the northern part of Prague, district Letnany, which is about ½ hour drive (15 miles) from Prague´s Vaclav Havel Airport. …
The Hive is Vancouver’s 10,000 square-foot Indoor Bouldering Gym. The gym offers a large amount of varied climbing terrain, up to the reasonably airy bouldering height of 15+ ft. Its challenges are split among grades ranging from V0- to V10+, including steeply overhanging terrain, slab and vertical walls,12ft top-outs, traverses, high-lip finishes, and a horizontal archway/roof section. Amenities include: fully accessible showers, ample change-rooms, sizeable parking (for both bikes and cars), a dedicated room for Kids and Rental Groups, specialized training equipment, general fitness equipment and a warm up space. They also have open social spaces, wireless internet, coffee, snacks, rental and retail gear, observation areas, regular DJ etc. …
The Boulders Climbing Gym ranks among the finest indoor climbing facilities in Canada. With over 13,000 square feet (1,208 square metres) of climbing space, The Boulders Climbing Gym is a community facility and a unique social enterprise, providing adaptive recreation and rehabilitation programs, youth recreational and competitive programs, as well as facilitating a climbing academy. It is located 5,5 miles (9 km) south from the Victoria International Airport or 12,5 miles (20 km) north from Central Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada's Pacific coast. …
Cenote Angelita (“Little Angel”) is a 200 feet (60 m) deep typical Mexican „cenote“ (cave) located about 15 minute drive south of Tulum. It is a must do for both advanced divers and freedivers who are looking for something totally different. Its uniqueness lies in a strange but unrepeatable water layers combination. As its first 100 ft (30m) is filled with fresh water, the second half with salt water, making it an extraordinary view through a hazy layer of hydrogen sulfate, which is formed at the interface of the two water sources. …
Statia, officially known as Sint Eustatius, is a Caribbean island with area of only 21 square kilometers. It is located north of the better known islands of St.Kitts and Nevis. It is a special municipality of the Netherlands and a glamorous scuba diving location with a special protected Statia National Marine Park, established in 1996. Many of the Statia reefs have developed on the remains of an extinct volcanos. Some reef types were formed on the remains of wrecks, both new and old, dating from the 1700s to 2004. Coral reefs boast an extra high biodiversity. A wide array of tropical reef creatures resides in and around these reefs with Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Flying Gurnard, Moray Eels, Spotted Drums, Frogfish, Sea Horses, Octopus, Lobster, Rays, Sharks, and Turtles. From January to April, the calls of Dolphins and Whales can often be heard as they migrate through the island´s waters. …

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7 Summits - nejvyšší hory sedmi kontinentů

Pro případné zájemce o členství v klubu "Seven Summits", ale hlavně pro všechny, které toto téma zajímá, zařazujeme výborně zpracovaný článek Ladislava Jiráska. Stanout na nejvyšších vrcholech všech sedmi kontinentů vyžaduje nejen výbornou kondici, zkušenosti a čas, ale také hodně peněz. Z informací a statistik klubu “7 SUMMITS”, která vede údaje o všech členech tohoto klubu vyplývá, že ten, kdo se chce o takovouto metu pokusit, musí počítat s tím, že stráví na cestách a při výstupech na vrcholy obvykle 15 až 21 týdnů. A bude k tomu potřebovat finanční částku od 60 000 € do 75 000 €. Tento projekt není tedy jen fyzicky náročný, ale je náročný především i finančně. Většina ze všech dnes již 164 evidovaných členů klubu 7 SUMMITS by nebyla schopna uskutečnit tento projekt bez pomoci sponzorů.


300 cest za 60 dní....aneb lezecká jízda po Evropě

Dvojice horolezců ve složení Richard Dvořák a Jiří Zelený se pokusí během šedesáti dnů vylézt 300 tras po celé Evropě.


50. horosraz na Čertových skalách u Lidečka

V sobotu 1.září se sejdeme na Čertových skalách u Lidečka kvůli už padesátému horolezeckému srazu.

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Čtyři palice - nová galerie

Do fotogalerie jsme zařadili několik nových snímků ze Čtyř palic u Nového Města na Moravě. Galerii najdete pod tímto článkem.

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