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The Hive Bouldering Gym, Vancouver

The Hive is Vancouver’s 10,000 square-foot Indoor Bouldering Gym. The gym offers a large amount of varied climbing terrain, up to the reasonably airy bouldering height of 15+ ft. Its challenges are split among grades ranging from V0- to V10+, including steeply overhanging terrain, slab and vertical walls,12ft top-outs, traverses, high-lip finishes, and a horizontal archway/roof section. Amenities include: fully accessible showers, ample change-rooms, sizeable parking (for both bikes and cars), a dedicated room for Kids and Rental Groups, specialized training equipment, general fitness equipment and a warm up space. They also have open social spaces, wireless internet, coffee, snacks, rental and retail gear, observation areas, regular DJ etc.
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GPS 49.268772, -123.092883
Město Vancouver, British Columbia
Provoz Komerční
Aktivita Horolezectví


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