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Earth, Water, Air – Discover The World in 3D –

Earth, water, air… Three environments in which we are born, we live, and ultimately die. Three worlds that, thanks to modern technology, we can visit, learn about and even still discover. Simultaneously, they are three environments to which we pay so little attention in today’s hectic and busy time, even though they are essential to our lives.
Earth, Water, Air – Discover The World in 3D –

We are caught up in our plans, bound by our often unnecessary obligations, and motivated by clear and quick results. We do not appreciate time, we do not value our own existence, and we plan as if we knew how long we will be allowed to live. During life we are occasionally taken by surprise by moments that we are not prepared for. Moments that fundamentally change our view of the world, our plans and our priorities in life. However, most of them are not positive. A serious illness, the loss of a loved one… these are all situations in which we have a tendency to look back in retrospect, reassess and learn. But often it is too late.

There is only one human activity during which we risk serious injury or even death voluntarily and intentionally; an activity during which we often exert ourselves to the very limit of human capabilities only to get to know ourselves and the world around us. The desire to climb the highest peaks of the world, discover the hidden underwater world or fly like birds is perhaps as old as humanity itself. Try stopping for a moment. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in your surroundings. Become inspired by unique achievements and go explore the earth, water or air. It is not important how high, deep or far you go, what’s important is what you get to know along the way. Learn to appreciate every breath, warmth, light, food… Cherish time, and most of all, value yourself…

At we have prepared a really strong cocktail of experiences and information. We put together the experiences of professional athletes from around the world, the opinions of experts, and experiences of beginners, and more than ten years of our own experience, in order to bring you a finished product today. A product whose objective is to show you an entirely new perspective on the three dimensions of our planet…the earth, water and air. Get inspired…

Earth = Humility

Nature has superbly equipped us for living on the surface of the earth and simultaneously has provided us with ideal conditions for a satisfied and contented life; day and night alternate, optimum temperature and pressure, and ubiquitous air containing beneficial oxygen. We walk, run and crawl on the earth :-) Therefore, logically we will not dwell on such commonplace activities, but activities from which we will get to know the earth from a slightly different angle.

Our planet and its varied and often strange and exotic corners beg to be discovered. High mountains deep caves, snowy plains… However, the journeys to heights, depths and distant places usually expose us to less favourable conditions. Although we can rely on high-quality equipment or our excellent physical condition, in a tense and stressful situation, experience and a good knowledge of our own body are ultimately decisive. Self-knowledge is the way to safely carry out all extreme activities and consequently to live life to the fullest.

That is the answer to the logical question of whether it makes sense to expose your fragile mortal body to relatively unnecessary risk. Yes, it does, and it does not matter how high you must climb or how far you have to go. It is up to you whether you will walk along a marked mountain trail or scale the highest peaks of the world. It is important that you seek the way to your own self, in order to realise the value of ordinary days, in order to acknowledge your own transient nature, in order to find humility in yourself, something that is very much lacking nowadays. What activities will we devote our time to in the “Earth” section?

Climbing, Via Ferrata, Speleology, Mountain Biking, Ski, Snowboarding, Bungy Jumping, Paintball, Slackline, Motor Sports and others...

Water = Respect

It comprises 70% of the surface of the earth. It comprises 70% of the body of an adult. It is all around us. We have learned to perceive it as a matter of course, despite the fact that without it we cannot live more than a few days. We spend the first nine months of our lives in water. We are mammals, the same as dolphins and seals, but without equipment we cannot stay under water for longer than a minute or two. Water is all around us, yet we know less about what is under the surface than the distant universe. Isn’t that a shame?

Water is capable of teaching us many things. Water teaches us to appreciate our breathing. Only under water do you have the chance to see the air you exhale. You do not feel your own weight in water and need to exert almost no effort to descend into its depths. Despite this, we are more vulnerable in water than in any other environment. We usually have just a few seconds to solve a problem. Just a few metres below the surface we are exposed to similar physiological changes as on the highest mountains of the world. Taking a look under water is not difficult, but returning safely is. Water teaches us to respect strict rules, and respect is what you should search for and find in water.

Despite all the risks associated with being in the water, getting to know it is a basic human experience that nobody should miss. There are many ways to become better acquainted with water. At Adrex, we will focus on the following:

Scuba Diving, Freediving, Canyoning, Kayaking, Rafting, Cliff Diving, Wakeboarding, Surfing and others...

Air = Freedom

Air is all around us. It is a natural part of the surrounding environment and miraculously contains precisely what the human body needs and is essential for life. Unlike the earth or water, we do not see it and usually do not feel it, so we pay very little attention to it. It becomes precious to us only when we have an acute shortage of it. We only become afraid of it when it shows its power as a hurricane or tornado.

Try for a moment to perceive it as matter in which you move. Become aware of its presence. Indeed, we are able to swim in it as well as in water. Warm currents can carry us high above the surrounding countryside, without any additional propulsion. We have been using it as a driving force for thousands of years, and with modern technology we can travel quickly from one continent to another in it. Doesn’t it deserve more of our attention?

Air is often considered to be the most risky environment in which we are only learning to move. It does not forgive any mistakes and strictly punishes those that are made. On the other hand, all risks related to moving above the earth are associated with only one factor, and that is the earth’s gravity. We can easily breath, our body does not undergo any significant changes, and actually the only thing we must not do is fall. The air teaches us the ability to quickly and correctly make decisions, analyse a situation in a few seconds, and quickly solve any shortcomings or complications. If forces us to be responsible and simultaneously gives us the feeling of not being constrained and incredible freedom. And what activities can you look forward to in the “Air” section?

Skydiving, Base Jumping, Paragliding, Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, Aerobatic Flying, Ballooning, Gliding and others...

We are aiming really high and want to go really deep :-) The Adrex server was created thanks to our colleagues from around the world, who we hereby thank. Of course, you too can contribute!!! We will gladly display your own experiences, photographs and videos that are associated with movement on the earth, in water or in the air in any way. You can send your contributions by e-mail to or send it to the Facebook profile… Thank you.


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