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Breaking Down Language Barriers in the Outdoor Sports

It was not until the social networks and video portals revealed, how many interesting events and performances take place every day in different parts of the world, either completely unnoticed or without a proper outdoor and mainstream media report. The reason is simple - language barrier. The actual performance value may not be enough recently and its reputation is often decided by the athletes´ PR skills and media contacts. We are determined to change that on!
Breaking Down Language Barriers in the Outdoor Sports

Each of you, whether from South America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia or anywhere else, may become famous because of his abilities and well processed article (post) on our website. You just have to hit one of the six languages ​​in which the international portal works. The rest you can leave to us and our readers.

ADREX.COM - How it Works?

In each of the 6 language versions of you have a chance to insert any number of posts and articles. Just select the language closest to you, your environment and sport, through a simple form and add your article, location, event, photo or video gallery. Within three working days our editor checks your post (the appropriate language version, and if it does not contain indecent or otherwise objectionable text), and publishes it in the selected sports news section on It's simple, right?

The Best Posts we translate for FREE!

All posts on include simple and intuitive rating of five stars form, which you will always find at the top and bottom of the article. Top Rated, Most Viewed and Most Commented Articles are automatically translated into the 5 other world languages​​, making your performance incredibly quickly spread to different parts of the world. All translation and editorial service is free of charge!

How to promote your article?

The easiest way to support your article is to share it on the social networks among your friends, from whom it will get the first positive points.´s sophisticated system automatically shifts top rated articles up, and once you get to the main page, it takes the article to the editors of the other language versions. So it spreads worldwide. In the Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish, English and the Czech form! The same applies to the most widely read and most commented posts. It's up to you, how you promote your article.

What kind of topics are we interested in?

Everything related to adrenaline, extreme and outdoor sports. It does not matter at what level you do the sport. We bet on the view of both professionals and beginners, as it is as colorful as the composition of our readers. It is right them, who decide on quality of the articles!

Our goal is to link top athletes with complete beginners and introduce outdoor sports as clearly as possible to the general public.

It´s sooo simple …

You find it too easy? Surely! Precisely because it is our main intention. So feel free to post your performance on! We look forward to your contributions!


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