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Extreme Sports – Lifelong Love Affair or One Night Stand?

It appears the commercial exploitation of extreme sports is finally a thing of the past. In the last few years, the outdoor sports industry jumped on the marketing bandwagon of large commercial outfitters. Offers of half-off skydiving jumps, and BOGO rock climbing lessons or guided mountaineering trips became the norm. While such marketing tools have their place, they do not belong in the outdoor industry, as cutting corners with extreme sports can have serious consequences. Extreme sports require skills, humility, commitment, the right attitude, and should not be about crossing an item off your bucket list.
Extreme Sports – Lifelong Love Affair or One Night Stand?

The growing popularity of extreme sports makes them commercially very attractive. New climbing gyms and specialized training centers are sprouting everywhere. Outdoor clothing and equipment companies never have to worry about lack of customers. Hand in hand comes the increase in numbers of adrenaline sports providers all over the world. These agencies enable even the completely unexperienced individuals to easily try adventures that normally require a strong skill set and years of practice.

Adventure Supermarket

Eventually, the market for extreme sports became saturated, leading to heavy competition. Quality and individual approach were replaced by price wars. Consequently, the way people viewed extreme sports changed. All of the sudden, experiences became a service people could buy. And as with all services, customers expected complete satisfaction, quality, and preferably, a low price. The last few years have been filled with thousands of commercial tandem skydives, deep diving excursions, guided climbing and mountaineering trips, and various other outings, eventually leading to a loss of the primal purpose and depth of those activities. Lifelong passions have become nothing more than items crossed off someone’s bucket list.

Small Taste of Adventure

The times are changing and the altered view of adventure sports has deeper roots than just commercialization of the outdoor sports industry. Nowadays, our society is constantly rushed and people are no longer willing to wait. Why spend months developing the skills required to safely complete a skydiving jump? All that is needed in today’s world is to pay money, and a couple of hours later we can find ourselves about to dive into the emptiness below. No skills or experience necessary. This contrasts brightly with the fact that most true outdoor enthusiast use those activities to escape their hectic day-to-day lives and get back to the roots of their existence.

The accomplishments of extreme sports athletes are being heavily publicized, making people crave similar experiences. The feeling of a free fall, a peek underneath the ocean’s surface, or an adventure in high mountains is only a few hundred dollars away. But just like people need more than a sip of wine to become wine experts, more skills and practice are needed to truly comprehend the spirit of adrenaline sports.

Helping people return to the roots of outdoor sports and helping them discover the true value of these activities is up to us – skilled climbers, skydivers, mountaineers, and divers… Let’s join forces and present these pursuits the way they deserve – with respect, humility, and spirit of adventure. Outdoor sports do not need price cuts, extreme marketing strategies, and advertising to make them attractive. Let’s show those who are interested the right way – the way of patience and humility that will allow them to apply the lessons learned through their outdoor experiences to all areas of their life.

Experience Earth, Water, and Air… strives to be independent. We do not provide any services and are not dependent on advertising. Our project strongly focuses on the true essence of extreme and outdoor sports and our mission is to present this essence to the public. We see these sports as an unlimited source of experiences that can be applied to our day-to-day lives. Outdoor sports are about nature, friendship, and respect. Not fancy events, adrenaline, and wanna-be celebrities. Let’s share this attitude with everyone who wants to become a part of the outdoor community and teach them to truly get to know and respect earth, water, and air...


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