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A New Star on the Horizon: Brandon Mikesell

Whether it's flying through skyscrapers and buildings or winter Alaskan wilderness, Brandon Mikesell feels comfortable anywhere. In fact, he finds wingsuit flying extremely peaceful. This time out, Brandon, who comes from Seattle, travels to Chamonix's Le Brévent to soar down the mountain, threading his way through trees and rocks after taking the plunge from 2500 meters. The French Alps are a popular wingsuit destination and this footage proves once again why. And Brandon's skills, considering that he has discovered wingsuit flying only four years ago, gives his latest edit another dimension. Check this boy out.

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Luca Bertossio Triumphs at the World Air Games

The Aerobatics Glider event that took part in Dubai this month saw the world’s best Glider pilots compete at the main FAI World Air Games arena around the Skydive Dubai Palm dropzone. 25-year old Luca Bertossio from Italy, one of the world’s best glider aerobatics pilots, dominated the event and secured yet another international title in his illustrious career. Needles to say, Luca, 25, is the youngest rider ever to win the gold medal in this event. Congrats! In second place was former World and European champion Ferenc Toth, from Hungary, and third place went to Premysl Vavra from the Czech Republic. Check out the highlight reel.

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Nouvel Air: Canadian Skydiving Elite

You know the feel very well. You only start doing it and immediately feel that this is what you were looking for, the missing puzzle of your life. It took one jump for Michale Lemay to get him addicted more than ever to skydiving so when he met another skydiving enthusiasts Rene Presse and Daniel Paquette, things caught fire. When relative work known as “RW” or “Belly Flying” appeared on the competition scene Michel and René got hooked up not long afterwards. After winning the Canadian relative work championships, Michel and Daniel joined the Canadian national team. Another success came shortly after; they won the World Cup twice, in 1983 and 1984. One thing led to another and in 1990, the long-time friends decided to open Nouvel Air Skydiving, the largest and most recognized skydiving center in Canada today.


Queenstown: One of the Best Landscapes in the World to View

For many years people have been drawn to New Zealand’s Queenstown due to beautiful landscape of the region. Green, lush fields, majestic mountains and crystal clear Lake Wakatipu all create a beautiful natural harmony that not many lands can match. The lure of the lake's shore set against dramatic peaks of Ben Lomond or the famous Remarkables mountain range must be really experienced as no words can describe the natural beauty and the unique energy of this region. If you ever are in the area, we recommend you to take a hot balloon ride; as you rise to altitudes as high as 6000ft and drift with the breeze, you will witness quite possibly the best panoramic views of Queenstown and its surrounds.

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Christmas Boogie - The Best Boogie that Skydive Spain Has Ever Had!

After positive feedbacks that Skydive Spain receives year after year after their annual Christmas Boogie, an irresistible impulse to make the next event bigger and better than ever before is always the powertrain in doing so and this year will be no exception. One of the best Europeane dropzones located at Aerodromo La Juliana, about 20 km southwest of Seville, Spain is in full swing as preparation for one of the biggest skydiving gatherings have already started. Everybody is welcomed and you should check it out; not only will you jump all day from 15,000 feet - the highest you can drop off in Europe - but get to participate with world class champions as well.


Andy Stumpf Sets New Wingsuit Distance World Record

When a former U.S. Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf retired, he felt an urge to give back so he began training pararescue jumpers for the US Air Force. One thing led to another and a few years later, Andy is raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation Survivor Support Program to honor families of fallen soldiers. Because Andy's also a great skydiver,B.A.S.E. jumper and wingsuit flyer , who has recently joined the Skullcandy Family, he thought it'd be cool - in order to promote his foundation - to break not one but four high altitude wingsuit world records while he's at it; jumping from above 37,265 feet. And he did it, smashing primarily the previous world record for the furthest absolute distance flown in a wingsuit, with a 18.26-mile flight. And this is what the world record looks like.

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Carlos Pedro Briceño Flies through a Glacier

France, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Panama, Venezuela, Malaysia, Spain, Turkey. He's been everywhere. Whether it'd be the craziest BASE cliff spot in the world or some insane wingsuit flying locations around the world, you can bet your wage Carlos Pedro Briceño had done it. This Venezuelan professional Skydiver and B.A.S.E. jumper is real life lover, who's been fallowing his passion all around the world. Recently, he got the opportunity to jump from Aiguille Du Midi exit point in France, where he was able to discover and enjoy four intense proximity lines. These included: Trent's Line aka The old man, Glacier Bossons, The Ridge line and Cheese Grater. Check it out, it's rad.

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Skydive Carolina: Premier Skydiving Center of the Carolinas

South Carolina might be famous for its slowed down pace of life but that doesn't mean you'll be left deprived of adrenaline rush here, especially if you pay Skydive Carolina a visit. Chester County has long been a favorite of visitors from near and far for its wide variety of activities, and jumping from a plane has been one of them. With its long, warm summers that usually start in April and end in December, and the beautiful lush green nature that surrounds the area there is no better place to return to Earth after having exited at 13,500ft altitude than here.


Street Wingsuiting in Panama City

We have found another great wingsuit edit from Panama City made by Brandon Mikesell and Ben Verde, who flew throughout the city framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made Panama Canal in style, accelerating between skyscrapers, buildings, and city streets. This is by far the best "wingsuit-street" video I've seen this year. Yes, wingsuit-street, you got me right because that's exactly what it is, passing by a balcony where someone probably drinks his coffee bears only such comparison. After all, see for yourself. This makes me wonder what comes next and especially from this destination because Panama City with its high-rise buildings makes for hell of a wingsuit playground!

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Mossel Bay: Skydiving over the World Famous Garden Route

Recognized by many as the westernmost point of the Garden Route, a stretch of South Africa's scenic coastline, Mossel Bay is a place I can imagine to live in. A mild year-round climate, Indian Ocean at your doorstep or the Outeniqua Mountains, a mountain range running parallel to the coast is what would make me stay here. And after I had returned from scuba diving, which by the way is a top-notch here, I would jump in a car and head to Mossel Bay Airfield to take a plunge from Cessna 182 at 12,000ft altitude. Sounds good to me.

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