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3 Innovative Gifts for Adrenaline Junkies

Gift buying can be both tedious and fun at times. It often requires you to connect the dots, use a little creativity and explore what you actually know about a person. This is because a lot of the time you have to look for something that caters to either…


Four Steps for Planning Your First Outdoor Retreat

Everyone who loves the outdoors has dreamed of going on an outdoor retreat of their own. They dream of being in charge of their own adventure, and of seeing the beauty of the world’s incredible landscapes. There is so much to and to see that it doesn’t…


The 2016 Challenger Cup: Female Pilot to Make History

French aerobatic champion Mélanie Astles is writing history as she becomes the first female pilot to join the Red Bull Air Race’s Challenger Cup that is plenty of plenty of surprises for 2016, with three new contenders in the eight-pilot field. New for 2016 are Mélanie Astles, a five time French aerobatic champion who has earned top ten rankings at World and European levels. She is the first woman ever to compete in the sport. Astles will compete against fellow debutants Ben Murphy and Kevin Coleman. The UK’s Ben Murphy is a former Commanding Officer and team leader of the RAF’s Red Arrows display team. Kevin Coleman, a flying prodigy from the US Advanced Aerobatic Team is the first American to join the ranks of the Challenger Class and will be the youngest competitor this season.


FAI World Aerobatic Championships 2015, Châteauroux, France

After fifteen years of waiting, the FAI World Aerobatic Championships in the Unlimited category returns to France. From August 20 to 29, 2015, the 60 best aerobatic pilots in the world representing 20 nations will gather at Châteauroux-Deols Airport to compete for the most coveted of all aerobatic titles. During the competitions, the pilots will show combinations of daredevil manoeuvres such as loops, inverted flying, rolls, spins, and pitches.

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Paul Bonhomme Turns his Double World Championship Status into Hattrick

Britain’s Paul Bonhomme was crowned the winner of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship stop at the famous Ascot Racecourse, flying brilliantly under pressure in the world's fastest motorsport series. The victory was Bonhomme’s third this season and second straight win at Ascot to the delight of more than 40,000 spectators. It was the second time the Red Bull Air Race was staged in Ascot, just west of London, that has quickly become one of the most attractive air race locations in the world and a favorite of the pilots who relish taking off and landing on the grassy strip in front of the big crowd.

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The Global Stars Team Put on a Stunning, World-Class Air Display

They call themselves the Global Stars. Five aviators and all British champs Mark Jefferies & Tom Cassells along with Chris Burkett and Steve Carver form a team that captivates the crowd with gravity-defying feats of bravery and skill. You might know especially nine times British aerobatic champion Mark Jefferies, who has achieved great success and worldwide recognition as one of the most accomplished aviators in the UK; including 3rd in the 2011 World Aerobatic Masters, ranked 8th in the World in 2007 and 10th in the World 2009. Jefferies owns Global Stars team and he uses EA 330SC, a red colored aircraft that performs for the longest duration in the team's solo acts. Recently the team has released a stunning video capturing their 4-ship and 5-ship display routine. Check it out.

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Aurora to Host 2015 Rocky Mountain Air Show Featuring the Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds also known as "America's Ambassadors in Blue", are the United States Air Force Demonstration Squadron that returns to Colorado in conjunction with the 2015 Rocky Mountain Airshow, May 29-31, 2015. The 2015 Rocky Mountain Air Show will be held for the first time at the Aurora Reservoir and the highlight of the show will be the return of the United States Air Force Thunderbird demonstration squadron to the metro area for the first time in 18 years. If you are from the area, you shouldn't miss it, those guys know how to fly.

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Air Combat USA - 6 "G's" of Pure Rock and Roll in the Sky

Imagine yourself scanning the skies in a real military aircraft in search of an enemy airplane. You spot the bogey at three o’clock, break turn hard and fight’s on. Up, down and around. Pulling G’s, making quick decisions until you out maneuver your opponent, put the gunsight pipper on them; squeeze the trigger and guns, guns, guns! The enemy erupts in smoke and you roll up and away, Victorious! No, you are not sitting in front of your computer playing your favorite F-22 game. You are in a real cockpit, holding a real stick!

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Aviation Talents Teamed up in Dubai Desert

Putting together a video of extreme athletes who are at the top of their games always worked. So what happens when you let two men who dedicated their lives to aviation to play in the sky? In 2006, Yves Rossy became the first man in the history of aviation to fly with a jet-propelled wing. Since 1982, Veres Zoltan has accumulated more than 19,000 flying hours in more than a 120 different types of aircraft ranging from Russian aerobatic radial engine single seat aircraft to ultra-modern Boeing airliners. Those two most colourful names in aviation today completed a sensational formation flight over Dubai desert. Check it out.

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Athens Flying Week 2014 - Video Highlights

The Organizing Committee of Athens Flying Week 2014 have released an official video from the event held in Tatoi Military Airport in Athens during the last week of September 2014. Some of the best aviators and teams in the world such as Italians Luca Bertossio, WeFly team or Austrian Flying Bulls were invited to Greece to experience together an unforgettable aviation moments, as well as a series of individual events, including photo contest, air force demos, or skydiving exhibition.

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