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Balloon Ride over the Remains of Khmer Empire

Considered as one of the world's best balloon rides due to its historical landmarks, the first and the only Hot-air balloon trip in Siem Reap will stuck in your mind for a while. Whether it's the colorful Cambodian countryside with its rice fields or the religious architecture of Angkor's majestic temples with characteristic structures, elements, and motifs, you will be treated with a view not seen anywhere in the world - satellite imaging has revealed that Angkor, during its peak in the 11th to 13th centuries, was the largest pre-industrial urban center in the world.

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On Top of the World! Hot Air Balloons Filled the Sky in Dubai

Among other air sports that include Aerobatics, Gliding or Parachuting, Hot Air Ballooning has always stood out being the most traditional Air sport at the Games since its beginnings. A stunning display of numerous of hot air balloons decorating the sky above the land, as the rising sun illuminates the landscape or the setting sun creates the blush of dawn has been always a spectacular sight. And with Dubai's unique scenery it can't get any better.

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Queenstown: One of the Best Landscapes in the World to View

For many years people have been drawn to New Zealand’s Queenstown due to beautiful landscape of the region. Green, lush fields, majestic mountains and crystal clear Lake Wakatipu all create a beautiful natural harmony that not many lands can match. The lure of the lake's shore set against dramatic peaks of Ben Lomond or the famous Remarkables mountain range must be really experienced as no words can describe the natural beauty and the unique energy of this region. If you ever are in the area, we recommend you to take a hot balloon ride; as you rise to altitudes as high as 6000ft and drift with the breeze, you will witness quite possibly the best panoramic views of Queenstown and its surrounds.

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Bagan Balloon Ride: Flying Over an Ancient City of Myanmar

As the Captain blasts the fire above your head, you could feel the heat wash over you. And when you rose up and up into the sky, hundreds upon hundreds of Bagan’s majestic ancient temples slowly came into view. From that moment on your breath will be taken away and you will gaze upon the most incredible sight you'd ever seen. Myanmar (formerly Burma), is one of those places where you often feel like you've stumbled into a living edition of the National Geographic - famed for its beautiful natural heritages, a balloon flight over its dramatic landscapes should be definitely on your bucket list.

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Cappadocia - Truly Magical Place

Wake up. Inflate the balloon. Take off. Wait for the sun to rise. Get hypnotized. It can't get any better than this - wait, it can - it can get better if you are in Cappadocia, a geological oddity of honeycombed hills and “fairy chimneys,” tall, cone-shaped rock formations that spreads over Göreme National Park in Turkey. This stunning landscape of Cappadocia and thousands years of cultural heritage make it one of the most impressive places on our planet. No wonder this place is listed as one of the most popular spots in the world to go up in a Hot Air Balloon.

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Big Sky Balloon Co. - When Art Meets Aviation

Have you ever thought painting your hot air balloon all over? If you think of it, a hot air balloon provides quite a large canvas on which you can let your imagination run riot. Darren Kling always felt these two activities, painting and ballooning, were strongly interconnected with one another so he decided to use a sixty foot balloon to make a painting. Apart from his artistic side, Darren is also the owner of Big Sky Balloon Company, the premier balloon ride operator in Central Oregon.

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Balloons over Waikato - The Largest Hot Air Balloon Event in New Zealand

New Zealand's premier hot air ballooning event, Balloons over Waikato, is around the corner as balloonists from all over New Zealand and around the world will gather in Hamilton for four-day iconic annual festival to experience the fun, friendship and warmth this balloon friendly city provides; balloon festivals have been part of the Hamilton scene since 1988 and are enthusiastically supported by the local community. Mark your calendars, the event's preparations have been in full swing and the countdown is on until we Fly with the Animals at the Balloons over Waikato festival from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th March.


Up & Away Ballooning - Fly Wherever Mother Nature Sends You

Sonoma County, just a short drive north from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge in California, is a traveler's paradise. Due to its famous vineyards this most agriculturally productive US county offers incredibly beautiful and colorful landscape. The best way to see the beautiful winery and one of the most scenic settings on earth setting is from above, in a hot air balloon. Depending on the altitude, you may see the Pacific Ocean, look into the Napa Valley or on a clear day, the buildings in San Francisco 60 miles away. Need a tip? Up & Away Ballooning offers the most personalized, professional ballooning experience in the Sonoma County area.


Sky’s the Limit - Do Something Different Today

Sky’s the Limit Ballooning Adventures is California based balloon ride operator that has been in business since 1994. Located in Del Mar and Santa Barbara, this family owned and operated company is run by James Lawson whose passion for hot air ballooning is more than a hobby, it became his life and daily bread. Whether you want to capture the views of the Pacific Ocean, Palomar Observatory, Catalina Island, Mountains of Mexico, or catch the sunset with a glass of champagne, Sky’s the Limit have you covered.


Annual Arizona Balloon Classic Flies Over the Valley

More than 30 hot air balloons will rise from the earth for a spectacular sight of mass and color filling the Arizona skies for the annual Arizona Balloon Classic IV on January 23-25. Over 20,000 spectators, who are allowed to walk on the field and watch the balloons inflate and lift off, are expected to gather for the Festival that will include special balloon races, competitions, lift offs, live musical entertainment, Paramotor flights, fireworks, car show display and a family fun zone with children’s activities, exhibits, sampling and more.

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