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A New Star on the Horizon: Brandon Mikesell

Whether it's flying through skyscrapers and buildings or winter Alaskan wilderness, Brandon Mikesell feels comfortable anywhere. In fact, he finds wingsuit flying extremely peaceful. This time out, Brandon, who comes from Seattle, travels to Chamonix's Le Brévent to soar down the mountain, threading his way through trees and rocks after taking the plunge from 2500 meters. The French Alps are a popular wingsuit destination and this footage proves once again why. And Brandon's skills, considering that he has discovered wingsuit flying only four years ago, gives his latest edit another dimension. Check this boy out.

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Neil Amonson's Solo BASE Jump

It's like a meditation for some. Or a natural step in live like in Neil Amonson's case. Neil started base jumping while he was still in the military after a friend of his had jumped a 1,900-foot antenna in the middle of the night. As many, Neil liked it so much he got immediately hooked up after his first skydive wingsuit jump, he never looked back since. Continuously seeking new exit points, he travels to Germany to find some solitude. As he puts it, "to actually experience all the things I’m feeling, I have to do it alone.” Check out his latest edit where he shares thoughts that are going through his mind before the jump and while in the air.

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Meteorites Jumping Team: Swinging in the Void of Chaos

In the beginning there was only chaos. At least according to the Greek mythology before Gaea, a primal Greek goddess shed light on earth. I don't know what was here before that time, but Chaos Mountain looks like one of those before-anything-places; this giant crater that is surrounded by limestone walls looks actually like it was hit by a meteorite. This amazing natural amphitheater, situated near Athens, was revealed when a cave collapsed and created a sinkhole measuring 65 meters in depth and 120 meters in diameter. The Meteorites Jumping Team is a crew of climbers, skydivers, base jumpers and others with one common thing, jumping. Based in Greece, the team actively seeks new challenges and this time, Ilias, Markos and Liakos took on.....guess what......the Chaos Mountain.

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SBK Heliboogie 2015: One of the Best B.A.S.E Jumping Events

One of the world's most active and well known sites for basejumping, a Norwegian mountain Kjerag needs no introduction. Due to the efforts of the Stavanger Base Klubb, Kjerag is probably the biggest base drop zone in the world today. Visible from the fjord, the smooth, 1000 sheer vertical metres tall granite wall once again provided its plateau for one of the best annual BASE Jumping events on the calendar today - the Heliboogie - a four-day BASE jumping fun set in a dramatic settings of Lysefjorden. This year, two helicopters provided shuttle between the landing zone and cliff's exit points and it again looks like a tremendous fun! And you can check it out as Negative 4 Productions have released a fun little recap video from this adventure.

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Sunshine Superman: An Extraordinary Tale of Carl Boenish, the Father of BASE Jumping

If you live in Melbourne and BASE jump you should not miss this - a heart-racing documentary portrait of Carl Boenish, the father of BASE jumping movement is going to be screened during the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF). Established in 1952, the MIFF is one of the oldest film festivals in the world and the most significant screen event in Australia. Carl Boenish and his wife Jean were among the world's first BASE jumpers. The pair is especially known for breaking the BASE jumping Guinness World Record on the Norwegian Troll Wall mountain range in 1984. That's when most of you were born. This is a must see documentary if you haven't seen it. So mark your calendar folks, on 2nd and 16th of August, Sunshine Superman hits the big screen.

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Wingmen: A Search For The Ultimate

It's hard to explain the feeling, you'll have to experience it. Wingsuit flying is all about thrill, adrenaline and a feeling that words can't describe. Another movie that aims to show the audiance what it feels like, Wingmen, takes three of the world’s most renowned BASE jumpers on an exceptional journey around the world to seek out unique and challenging places such us Rio de Janeiro, Chamonix, The Reunion Island, The Tianmen Mountains in China, Bangkok, before their planned final jump in Dubai.

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Roberta Mancino Lights Up Night Skies over Panama City

When the sun goes down, Panama City lights up with variety of bright lights and illuminations. As any other bigger city that exposes its luminescent style and sights by night, the capital of Panama is no different - except one thing - there is Roberta Mancino flying over it. The Italian skydiver, BASE jumper, and wingsuit flyer took to the skies for a stunning night wingsuit flight while trying out her new illuminated wing suit. Check it out.

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Uli Emanuele Performs the Most Technical and Difficult Base Jump Ever

You have to have enormous balls to do this. With only two meters separating wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele from smashing himself against a rocky mountain hole, he puts his life on the line and performs an incredibly difficult base jump in renown Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Needless to say that such a jump -flown through the smallest hole ever - has not been pulled by anyone anywhere. Such no mean feat requires not only a flawless precision and courage but also a necessary dose of madness. See yourself.

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Wingsuit Flying: Using Science to Minimize the Risk

Wingsuit flying is considered the most dangerous sport on earth, there is no doubt about that. We do it because we love it even though there is always the sense of death. For wingsuit pilots danger goes with the territory and even the world's most experienced wingsuit flyers lose their lives as the most recent victims: Dean Potter and Graham Hunt, two of the most accomplished wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world. Thus, mapping out the ideal route is crucial. And Richard Webb, a former fighter pilot has a solution.

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Dean Potter and Graham Hunt Died During Their Yosemite BASE Attempt

On Saturday evening, May 16, US BASE jumpers Dean Potter (43) and Graham Hunt (29) died after attempting a wingsuit flight from Taft Point in Yosemite National Park. Taft Point, a granite cliff that overlooks Yosemite Valley, Falls and that stands opposite the famous El Capitan, ranks among the most popular BASE Jumping take-off points in the USA.

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