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Luca Bertossio Triumphs at the World Air Games

The Aerobatics Glider event that took part in Dubai this month saw the world’s best Glider pilots compete at the main FAI World Air Games arena around the Skydive Dubai Palm dropzone. 25-year old Luca Bertossio from Italy, one of the world’s best glider aerobatics pilots, dominated the event and secured yet another international title in his illustrious career. Needles to say, Luca, 25, is the youngest rider ever to win the gold medal in this event. Congrats! In second place was former World and European champion Ferenc Toth, from Hungary, and third place went to Premysl Vavra from the Czech Republic. Check out the highlight reel.

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The Retrieval of Dinosaur: A Famous Competition is Back

Dinosaur is a famous flying site located in Colorado's Rocky Mountains where many of the USA Hang Gliding Nationals have been held. After many years break, a popular hang gliding competition apptly called the Dinosaur 2015, has come to life to take place once again in a tiny town near the Utah border that apart from its paleontological sites the town's unusual name have originated from, offers one of the best flying conditions around. A hang glider's view would include Dinosaur National Monument - deep gorges carved by the Green and Yampa rivers and backed by towering sandstone cliffs tinted a rainbow of colors. O2 is a real need when flying Dino so pack your Oxygen, as a thermals to 18,000 feet are not uncommon and head to Colorado to be a part of this "revived" classic.

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The 2015 Big Spring Nationals is Coming Close!

It's that time of the year again when the Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport will once again welcome the best hang glider pilots from near and far to compete at one of the most prominent Hang Gliding competitions in North America: The 2015 Big Spring Nationals. The competition will return to Texas for the fourteenth year, August 1st through the 8th. Forty pilots from around the U.S. and as far away as Austria and Norway will compete daily, launching from the McMahon-Wrinkle Airport on the west side of town. Like last year, this event is part of a series of four competitions used to determine the U.S. National Champion.


The Rhythm of Flight: Hang Gliding across America

Rhythm Of Flight is a hang gliding series across America of short movies and live broadcasts along with a blog and documentary for a feature film that will immerse the audience into the sport and the lives of the incredible flying community. Wolfi Siess and Jonas Lobitz , two paragliders and longtime friends will meet professional pilots along the adventure and competitions and at their home glide sites. They bought a truck and camper, packed up and set out for 15,000 mile trip. And they seem to do well - after shooting and releasing their first web episode the boys have made another one. Check it out.

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The 2014 Big Spring Hang Gliding Nationals

The 2014 Big Spring Hang Gliding Nationals is often referred to as the best cross country hang gliding competition flying site in the world. Proved by several worlds' records that were made there, the Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport will once again welcome the best hang glider pilots to complete in Texas' flatlands from August 3 through 9. This is the thirteenth year in a row for the event, which features the some of the strongest, smoothest, most consistent flying conditions of any competition in the world.

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The Wallaby Ranch - Hang Glider's Paradise

Most early hang glider designs were not really safe as the early engineers did not fully understood the principles that made a bird's wing work. The first working hand glider is dated around the 1890's, when Otto Lilienthal, regarded as one of the most influential early aviation pioneers, built a first weight-shift controlled glider and influenced so later designers. Since then, the hand gliders have undergone a lot of changes. One of the main contraptions that made the hang gliders more safer and enjoyable to fly were added wheels. It was in 1991 when Malcolm Jones, founder and owner of Wallaby Ranch, outfitted tandem hang gliders with the wheels for easy take-offs and landings, which in conjunction with aero towing revolutionized hang gliding. Let's check out the first fulltime Aerotow Hang Gliding Flight Park in the World - the 200 acre Wallaby Ranch in Florida.

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Fly around the World without Fuel

The new solar-powered airplane Solar Impulse 2 was presented in Payerne, Switzerland, by Swiss pilots and co-founders of the project Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg in April 2014. Bertrand is known adventurer for circumnavigated the globe in a hot-air balloon. André is former Swiss Air Force jet pilot and an engineer. Both are preparing for what many say can't be done - to fly around the world without a drop a fuel in 2015. To help achieving such an extraordinary journey, a single-seated solar-powered aircraft called the Solar Impulse 2 is going to help in accomplishing the impossible.

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World Glider Aerobatic Championships 2014 in Torun, Poland announce that the 17th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships (WGC) and the 5th FAI World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Championships will take place at Torun airfield, Poland, home of the Aeroklub Pomorski, between July 22nd and August 2nd, 2014. The championship, held every two years, has its roots back as far as 1937, when the first one, simply called the "International Competition" back then, was held in Wasserkuppe Mountain in Germany. Since 1937, the area has been used by gliders and light aircrafts pilots for take-offs.

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Flying to Antarctica in an Open Cockpit Aircraft

Flying for Freedom is a non-profit organization operating microlight flying and post-recovery flying activities for disabled in Great Britain. They help disabled servicemen and women to get back on track by teaching them how to fly in flex-wing microlights. At this moment, the Flying for Freedom team is preparing for the World's "first" expedition, never attempted before by anyone, flying with the microloights to the most extreme location, the Antarctica. The man behind this project John Laity, an engineer & pilot with over 15 years flying experience came up with the idea for the project and wants it to inspire others to make a difference.

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