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Expedition Iceland: An Unforgettable Trip to Ísafjörður and Back

An interesting story about professional snowkiter Valere Bouchaud popped up in our mail earlier this week and we are stoked to share this with all you snowkite maniacs out there. A trip to a foreign country is always an adventure and earlier this year, Valera together with a group of fellow riders, travelled to the far north of Iceland to visit places Jules Verne used to describe in his books. Apart from beautiful scenery and private kite spots, the team also witnessed blood chilling peaks and nasty, haunting snow storms. Read on.

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Intense Freestyle Battle in St. Peter Ording

5x World Champion Aaron Hadlow and 9x World Champion Gisela Pulido put on performances that were nothing short of exceptional during the St.Peter Ording freestyle finals that took place yesterday in Germany. Fighting their way up the freestyle ladder, they faced each opponent with outstanding strength and determination, giving each of them a truly deserved victory despite extreme conditions as the wind was blowing up to 30 knots.

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St. Peter Ording - The World's Biggest Kiteboarding Event is Coming Close

The 5th stop of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships is approaching fast, so get ready to see the best kiteboarders from around the globe join forces in what has become the World's biggest kiteboarding event, the Kitesurf World Cup in St. Peter Ording, Germany, from 22nd to 30th of August 2015. If you are wondering what you can expect during this mammoth event in the North Sea, read on - top riders will battle it out for a spot on the podium in both the freestyle and slalom disciplines.

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Dead Calm Ended Exciting Heats in Fuerteventura

The Virgin Kitesurf World Championships’ fourth stop took place on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura - Canary Islands - on the 3rd to the 8th of August and there was a lot to see. This renowned venue, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, has been welcoming the World Tour since its beginning in 2001 - no wonder the beaches which extends its beauty on several kilometers of white and thin sand have again filled with spectators and supporters who came to cheer on the World's elite kiteboarders.

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Cabrinha Pros Kite Clinics: Your Chance to Ride with Pros

This a good way to take your kiteboarding skills further, even if you have just started riding - is partnering with Kiteboard Tour Asia to offer riders across the world a series of kite trips with Cabrinha pros like Reo Stevens, Nick Jacobsen and Damien Le Roy. You can’t buy happiness, but booking one of these kite surf clinics will probably get you pretty close. The platform is featuring a series of 7 adventures across 6 different countries with 9 different professionals.


Big Air Finals at Tarifa Kitesurf World Championships 2015

This past weekend, the last day of competition of the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) third stop in Tarifa, Spain took place under a blazing sun at the stunning spot of Balneario. With the big air finals in sight, crowds settled on the beach to get close to their heroes and make the most of the show. Some other onlookers preferred sitting on the rocks alongside the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy a better overview. The conditions were excellent for the big air discipline as the gusts attained 40 knots when the competition kicked off. Competitors delivered an impressively high spectacle with a host of massive Kite Loops combined with rotations and One Footers, double Handle Passes and Board Offs.

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Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger Take English Coastline by Storm

Cabrinha's riders Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger along with their teammate and filmmaker James Boulding hopped on a plane to Great Britain to take on the English coastline. They did a great job and I haven't seen such a good video in a while. The atmosphere goes well with what's going on within the camera frame and both riders show strong riding. England's James homeland so who better could be chosen for this job than him. Take a deep sip from a beer can and enjoy this breathtaking cinematic kite masterpiece.

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Kitesurfing in Mexico - Getting Away from it All

Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula attracts many kiteboarders each year. But not so many might know that just 25 minutes north of Cancun lies an undisturbed peninsula of white sandy beaches and virgin jungle. Bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Chacmuchuk Lagoon, a very large flat shallow saltwater lagoon, lies a secret tranquil gem - Isla Blanca - a great escape from crowded beaches. You ask how do we know about it? Let's say we are good at it but the truth is that this place is under Kitesurf Vacation's thumb, a kitesurfing school that's been around since 2001.

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The IKA Kite Foil Gold Cup - Four Countries & Three Continents

Hydrofoiling Kiteboards will be on display at the world's premier sailing destinations beginning in March 2015. Marking the second year of hydrofoiling proliferance, kiteboard racing has gained popularity with a variety of athletes. Sailboat racers, trick riders, and speed demons have gravitated toward this fleet due to its raw performance and good-natured competition. The 2015 tour will be comprised of four stops including Mexico, USA, Australia, and a European event to be announced shortly. The planet's best competitors will vie for the title of KiteFoil Gold Cup champion, a title won by Johnny Heineken on the inaugural tour in 2014.


2014 Formula Kite Asian Championships is a Wrap

The first international Kiteboarding Championship held in Qatar this November is a wrap and brings you video highlights from this exotic location. Despite being an Asian Championship, the event was open to the entire world, with an Asian champion to be crowned, in addition to an open men’s and an open women’s fleet. The Pearl-Qatar with its picturesque views, advanced facilities and waterfront aspect has provided the ideal venue for this event, allowing kiters from around the world hit the waters to compete on the Qanat Quartier beach.

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