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The Coupe Icare 2015: Beyond Fantasy

The 42nd edition of the Coupe Icare will be held Thursday September 17 to Sunday September 20th, 2015 on the sites of Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet/Lumbin in the Isère, just a 30 minute drive from Grenoble and Chambéry, France. Born in 1974 in Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet in the magnificent Chartreuse mountain range, the Coupe Icare today attracts close to 10,000 free flyers from all corners of the earth and over 200 professional exhibitors, one more passionate than the other over a full range of ultra light air sports : paragliding, hang gliding, paramotor, ULM, hot air balloons RC aircraft, etc. 90,000 spectators also participate is this great annual, international free flight meet and get high just by witnessing the incredible aerobatic feats and applauding the famous costumed flight contest, and watching the selected films for the international free flight film festival, not to mention partaking in the surprising street animations and exciting activities for people of all ages!


WaterZ: One of Europe's Best Kept Secrets

This is the first time ever that the elite of the world, and a wide range of water sports contestants meet up for a water sports festival, that consists of a World Championship and many other events on the water – All in the same week and everything within walking distance. This September, Hvide Sande, a small town situated on the outmost edge of Denmark on the coast of the North Sea will host Water Z: a three day festival full of Windsurf, Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Surf and Stand Up Paddle action. If that wouldn't be enough, organizers have prepared one special treat: IFCA Junior & Youth Freestyle/Wave World Championship that is going to be held in conjunction with the festival. Check it out.

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Ekstremsportveko 2015 – Voss Has It All Again

Extreme Kayaking, MTB Downhill Course, SUP, MTB/BMX Technique Course, Workshop Climbing, Longboarding, BASE Jumping … Ekstremsportveko has it all! Still more popular Norwegian extreme sports festival takes place from June 21 till June 27 (in 2015). Over the years it has evolved into one of the most interesting and complex outdoor events held in Europe. To try such a variety of sports in one place is truly exceptional opportunity. „Veko“ 2015 is at full swing right now and its programme is busy as ever.


Helicopter Tour to Mount Everest Base Camp

Helicopter tour to Mount Everest base camp is best selection for the mountain followers who has very short time in Nepal and wants to discover such an enormous Himalayan series with the Mt Everest and surroundings. The Nepal Helicopter Tour is time-honored choice for the mountain lovers who has short time period but wants to observe such massive Himalaya sequence with helicopter sightseeing tour in Nepal. Nepal Helicopter tour is single option to examine the plentiful impressive mountain including mt. Everest [8,848m] within few hours and minutes.

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The Flying Frenchies Are Back and Crazier than Ever!

Do you remember Jackass movie? Of course you do - the crew of stuntmen, skateboarders and all-around lunatics performing do-not-attempt-this-at-home" pranks first appeared on MTV 15 years ago. The Flying Frenchies seems to follow similar but slightly different pattern; the main protagonists are bunch of slackliners, mountain guides and other extreme minded individuals. Although this is not their first release, you might never heard of them before as they were originally calling themselves "The Skyliners". Yep, that's right, the same crew that released a footage of the first highline between two hot air balloons that was broadcasted by numerous TVs worldwide. This time, the crew headed north and captured all the craziness on a camera from which a movie aptly called The Flying Frenchies has emerged. You must see this!!!

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Matthias Giraud Performs an Unusual Rope Swing

Another crazy idea came about in Matthias Giraud's head. Rope Swings are performed everywhere but Matthias took it further. His recent adventure that took two years to organize saw Matt meeting up with his buddies around the Columbia River Gorge to paraglide rope swing! If you thought extreme world cannot be more crazy there comes always someone who prove you wrong. Well done Matt!

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Greg Roe Teamed up with a YouTube Filmmaker Devin Graham

Greg Roe, a Canadian Trampolinist and extreme acrobat has just released his latest video shot by the famous American videographer, Devin Graham AKA Devin Super Tramp while on location in Rome, Italy. During his recent trip to Italy, Roe showcased his unique talents on the trampoline, performing some of his signature moves, captured in 4K by Devin, who is considered one of the most popular videographers in the world, producing adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube. He has been described as "one of the top video creators on YouTube" where his channel has more than 2.6 million subscribers and over 470 million total views.

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Canadian Extreme Acrobat Greg Roe Takes His Sport to New Heights

Greg Roe, a Canadian Trampolinist and extreme acrobat has written about appeared on the popular TV show 'Das Supertalent', the German version of popular TV reality show, made famous by Simon Cowell’s America’s Got Talent. With audience just over 9 million viewers, there seems no better way to display one's skills. However, Greg wants not only to showcase his talent but to present the world of acrobatic to wider audience and promote series of Freedrop events (freedropping is the latest sport taking the event world by storm ) being held throughout Europe. Let's give him that chance.

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Greg Roe Does a Triple Flip from 55 Meters!

Greg Roe, an extreme acrobat wrote about at the beginning of July, sent us a video of his latest stunt - a triple flip from a 55 meter crane he did last month in Innsbruck, Austria. Performing other never before seen flips and tricks from heights in excess of 50 meters on that day, the stunt was performed as part of a test day with BAGJUMP™, the world leader in airbag safety technology.

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Greg Roe - No Excuses, Just Go

Trampoline is an Olympic Sport that symbolizes freedom, highflying acrobatics and precision. Multiple somersaults, flips and twists are performed at a height of up to 10 meters and require precise technique and perfect body control. With extreme sports boom, trampoline becomes a unique, extreme sport slowly transforming into much more - freejumping, extreme stunts, aerobatic shows. One of the representatives of this new era, Greg Roe, three times national gold medalist in gymnastics and trampoline has earned multiple unofficial world records in the trampoline world for skills no one else has done. Attempting to break World Record’s is just one way he continually pushes the limits of his body and his sport. invites you to learn more about this remarkable sport, and athlete Greg Roe, 'Acrobatic Performance Specialist,’ as he pursues his quest for a spot on the World stage.

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