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Street Wingsuiting in Panama City

We have found another great wingsuit edit from Panama City made by Brandon Mikesell and Ben Verde, who flew throughout the city framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made Panama Canal in style, accelerating between skyscrapers, buildings, and city streets. This is by far the best "wingsuit-street" video I've seen this year. Yes, wingsuit-street, you got me right because that's exactly what it is, passing by a balcony where someone probably drinks his coffee bears only such comparison. After all, see for yourself. This makes me wonder what comes next and especially from this destination because Panama City with its high-rise buildings makes for hell of a wingsuit playground!

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Mossel Bay: Skydiving over the World Famous Garden Route

Recognized by many as the westernmost point of the Garden Route, a stretch of South Africa's scenic coastline, Mossel Bay is a place I can imagine to live in. A mild year-round climate, Indian Ocean at your doorstep or the Outeniqua Mountains, a mountain range running parallel to the coast is what would make me stay here. And after I had returned from scuba diving, which by the way is a top-notch here, I would jump in a car and head to Mossel Bay Airfield to take a plunge from Cessna 182 at 12,000ft altitude. Sounds good to me.


History Made: 61 Wingsuit Pilots Have Set a New World Record

An international team of wingsuit pilots have assembled at California's Perris Valley Airport, home to Skydive Perris dropzone, to attempt to claim the new world record for the largest wingsuit formation ever. Using four aircrafts the sixty-one skydivers took to the skies on October 17 to jump from 13,500 feet altitude, forming a harmonious diamond-shaped formation in order to smash the previous record set by 42 flyers earlier this year. Not only did the wingsuit flyers representing 12 countries including the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, Russia, Poland, South Africa and Israel create a new FAI record but literally flew into the Guinness record book!

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Skydive Vancouver: One of the First Skydiving Facilities in North America

Vancouver is, as the tourist brochures say, “Spectacular by nature" and it's true; unique to Vancouver are the scenic wilderness areas that surrounds the city. Mountains, ocean, rivers, lakes, islands, rain forest, you name it. Less than an hour drive from downtown Vancouver, the City of Abbotsford is tucked perfectly between majestic mountain ranges on the wide plain of the Lower Fraser Valley and bounded by the Fraser River on the north. Known as a "City in the Country", Abbotsford is not only blessed with British Columbia's richest agricultural lands, but it's also a year-round destination packed with some remarkable outdoor experiences, skydiving being one of them.


Skydive Diani: Kenya's First DZ

Kenya is most renowned for its National Parks and wildlife that come under the aegis of UNESCO but their world-famous beaches are also nothing less than spectacular. Popular kitesurf location, Diani Beach is also a vibrant, intimate little paradise on the quiet shores of the Indian Ocean just south of Mombasa. And just a stone throw away lays a friendly DZ, Skydive Diani. Due to its location, this place is one of the very few places in the world where every jump is a beach jump. Given that it's sunny on any given day here, this is a perfect gateway for those, who don't mind travelling the extra distance.

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South Africa’s Most Scenic Drop Zone

If you are ever visiting Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city and capital of its inland Gauteng province, you might consider visiting nearby town of Parys as well. Renown for the largest and one of the oldest known meteor impact sites in the world, this Free State tourist town is also a perfect gateway to whitewater or skydiving. Situated on the banks of the Vaal River, the settings remind those of Paris on the River Seine and that's where the town gets its name from. So it's no wonder this charming town with beautiful range of hills that surrounds it draws adventure enthusiasts from all around the world, skydivers being one of them.


Indoor Skydiving World Championships in Prague

World´s indoor skydiving is about to determine its first ever official global champions. 1st FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 21st – 24th October 2015. The competition is hosted by the Czech wind-tunnel skydiving pioneer company Hurricane Factory Prague. The world's best pilots will gather in Prague to compete in several disciplines.


Skydive Netheravon: The UK's Largest Skydiving Drop Zone

Skydive Netheravon is to skydivers what the nearby World Heritage site of Stonehenge is for historians; it is a place full of memories. During the winter of 1963 – 64, Netheravon was chosen as a home for the Army Parachute Association that, until then, had no permanent base but travelled, with their aircraft, to any drop zone available. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then but one thing that has never changed is the enthusiasm and spirit of APA members. To this day they are still producing some of the best parachutist in the UK who regularly represents Great Britain on the World Stage.

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The First Wingsuit 12-ways Above Chamonix

This happens when a group of one of the best wingsuiters meet at one of the best wingsuit locations, Chamonix, France. This Summer, Sam Hardy, Noah Bahnson, Soul Flyers' Vince Reffet, Rudy Cassan, Carlos Pedro Briceño, Nathan J. Jones, Project : BASE's Graham Dickinson, Scott Paterson, Scotty Bob, Will Kitto, Seb Brugalla and Julien Millot got this great idea of flying all together over Aiguille du Midi, Mont-Blanc Massive to form a 12-way formation while having fun. All was documented by Supersize Films crew and the result is great. Check it out.

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Arizona Airspeed: Living and Breathing Competitive Skydiving

The year was 1996 when a competition team called Arizona Airspeed attempted what no other team had ever accomplished: winning both the 4-way and 8-way events at a World Meet. Success came quickly, as the Team began bringing home gold medals and winning in both, the 4-way as well as the 8-way events. It was great time and especially battles against Golden Knights, another world-class team, or the Russians, who dominated the relatively new sport of skydiving back then were and still are memorable today. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then but the winning spirit of the current U.S. 4-way FS National Team still persist to this day. It's year 2015 and Airspeed is once again focusing on the 4-way event.....

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