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The Mother of All Boogies Returns to Moab

The Mother of All Boogies (M.O.A.B.) began 11 years ago when veteran skydivers came together to create a boogie unlike any other in the sport. The idea was to develop a boogie that combined the best that Moab, UT has to offer with our incredible sport of skydiving. Can you imagine skydiving into a canyon and then being able to take a jet boat tour on the Colorado River out of that canyon? Or, land on top of a mesa, surrounded by canyon views, and be picked up in a fully customized vehicle for an extreme 4x4 tour back to civilization? Only in Moab is this not only possible, it's happening!

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Awesome Footage from Russian National Wingsuit Record Attempts

One of the largest and most modern parachute airfields in Russia, Skycenter DZ Pushchino hosted recently a wingsuit boogie where they tried to beat a new wingsuit formation record. Although they didn't succed, the attempt gave rise to a beautiful edit from Valera Boluchevsky using awesome footage from Aleksey Demin, Gleb Vorevodin, Oleg Averyanov, and Yuriy Frolov. A new record was very close, but still remains to be broken next year. Till that time comes, soak up the atmosphere and watch this amazing edit.

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Skydiving over the Stunning Okanagan Valley

The Okanagan valley located in the southwest of British Columbia has one of the sunniest climates in Canada, making it perfect for any outdoor activity. The land has it all; lakes, mountains, abandoned rail beds, hiking trail systems, you name it. The valley includes several lakes, all of which were once part of a large glacial lake, and especially Okanagan Lake or Kalamalka Lake enhances valley's scenery. And right here, nestled between the historic Okanagan Lake and the majestic, turquoise waters of Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Skydive, a full service skydive Centre that showcases one of the best views in the sport has its dropzone.


History Made: 164 Divers Set a New World Record at Skydive Chicago

164 hand-picked divers, pro as well as amateurs took to the skies of Chicago with only one aim in their minds, to set a new world record. And they pulled it off! The formation of 164 people flying down hand-in-hand at speeds of up to 175mph took 13 attempts to beat the 2012 mark (set by 138 skydivers) as they exited repeatedly at 19,700 feet until the record was finally broken. One of the event organizers - Mike Swanson - declared that one day it'll definitely be over 200. "There's no way we'd do it if we didn't break the 200 mark – we're way too close to it," Mark said. Well, we are only looking forward to it!

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Two Planes Carrying Nearly 40 Skydivers Collided over Slovakia

Very sad Air section news from Slovakia today. Two planes carrying nearly 40 skydivers have collided over western Slovakia, killing at least seven people. A fatal air accident happened near the town of Dubnica at a height of about one kilometer. As most skydivers managed to jump out of planes on time, the consequences are tragic enough. All four pilots were killed as well as at least three passengers. According to the first news Slovak media reported 15 other parachutists missing.


Is This a Future of Human Flying?

People dreamed about human flying a long time ago - lots of pioneers risked their lives over centuries to get humans off the ground. It was the Montgolfiers brothers, who engineered the first hot-air balloon flights in 1783. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and here we are in 2015, marking a new milestone in the chapter of human flight. History likes to repeat itself and another inseparable due Yves Rossy and his protege, Vince Reffet dreamed to go higher and fly together and now the time has come - they take to the skies to expolore new heights but most importantly limits - limits that are meant to be broken.

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Going Airborne in Puerto Rico

There are only two locations when it comes to Skydiving in Puerto Rico. Humacao airport, which lies on the eastern coast of the island, and Arecibo field, the main sport aviation center situated on the northern coast ; both being operated by the same company: Xtreme Divers. You might have been in Puerto Rico before but I must tell you; the island reveals really its beauty after you reach 10,500 feet of altitude - landscape of green mountains, fabulous deserted beaches and crystal clear water - that and more awaits you on the 'Island of Enchantment.'

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Soul Flyers Take Mont Blanc to Task

They’ve been freeflying together for thirteen years and doing all crazy extreme aerial sports together. Thanks to many years of Freefly training (approximately 7000 jumps together) and the other aerial sports they do together, they manage to get extreme precision and a perfect synchronization of all their freefall moves and flights. That's how Soul Flyers would like to be described and that's exactly what those guys are all about, comradeship, passion, pushing the limits. And that's exactly what we like! This time the crew read Mont Blanc the riot act, skydiving at the incredible height of 33,000 ft! Check it out!

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Freefly The World - Beautiful Edit from Jokke Sommer and Co.

An inspiring and beautiful edit from Satori Factory has recently popped out on the internet featuring professional wingsuiters Jokke Sommer, Petter "PJ" Jonsson and Alex Aimard, freefalling into the most beautiful skydive location on earth, the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland. One of the most impressive valleys in the Alps, nestled between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks has been skydiver's paradise for some time and this time, the crew around Alex Aimard, the Satori Factory founder, came up with an idea of mixing Skydiving and BASE, wrapped in fantastic camera work, setting, and flying.

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Aeromania 2015 - Tuzla Airport

The Regional Association for Aviation Promotion with the help of Regional Air Services - Tuzla Airport will host Aeromania 2015 on July 4th. The show includes aerial acrobatics, live music concerts, an aviation fair, aircraft, retro cars and motorcycle exhibition.

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