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Brett Hazlett's Alpine Hyperlapse

It was last year when Canadian competition pilot Brett Hazlett had an accident in Turkey, finding himself lying on the side of a ten-thousand-foot desert mountain, unable to move, struggling to breath. He's a tough cookie though and although he couldn't walk for five months, Brett is flying again and his latest POV footage shows why; the video truly captures what's so great about flying paragliders and racing. Apart from being good at flying, Brett has also a really great eye when it comes to editing and although the video was entirely shot during a competition, the final output looks simply stunning. Check it out.

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Frequent Flyers Project - Paragliding with a Cause

Traveling for an extended period of time, especially with a wing, harness, and a reserve parachute, clearly deviates from the ordinary. There is always the question of weight, bulk... But for all that, traveling with your paraglider in some remote areas opens up a range of amazing discoveries and encounters. And Guillaume Broust and Perrine Chauvin seems to follow that pattern well. Embarking on an around-the-world adventure, Guilluame, an award winning filmmaker, and Perrine, an agricultural engineer took off on an 8-month voyage to fly around the world with one simple aim: to sensitize people to better respect, preserve and save drinkable water.

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The Helm: Celebration of Freestyle Flying

The XVI International Air Festival 2015 "The Helm" is one of the main free-flying event in Europe. The event is annually held in gorgeous setting that extends around Sierra de Segura, a small village in the province of Jaén, Andalusia, Spain, and revolves primarily around Mudéjar Castle, a significant monument, placed on top of the town and surrounded by the ancient walls. As always, this year was a great success drawing more than 500 pilots from different parts of Spain, Europe and even South America.

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Sun Valley - Idaho's Paraglider Paradise

Sun Valley area is a magical place. Revolving around outdoor activities there are tons of things to do here. Due to the Northern Rockies, the area is chiefly sought after mountain bikers, skiers and paragliders. One of the higher summits, Bald Mountain, offers stunning and colorful views of local mountain ranges and foothills. If you are a serious paraglider, a paragliding flight over the mountains of Idaho should be at the top of your bucket list. Our tip is Fly Sun Valley, a local paragliding operator that has an exclusive permit to launch tandem paragliding trips off not only from "Baldy", Idaho's primary flying site, but many other take-offs such as Greenhorn, Sky Ridge, Sun Peak, or Mindbender.


Michal Krysta - One of the Best Training Days

One of the best training days - Mengusovska valley - High Tatras (Slovakia)

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Paramotor Paragliding - If You Are Dreaming about Flying

BlackHawk Paramotors is the largest Paramotor Manufacture in the USA with a passion to adventure and exploration. There aren't many airborne hobbies you can get into without taking another mortgage and when you first try powered paragliding, you will never look back. To begin your next great adventure in life, or to find out more about this amazing experience, BlackHawk prepared a thorough training course for those eager to fly in a safe and efficient way.

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The World's Highest Double Paraglide Jump from a Hot Air Balloon

Yannick Barthe is an independent cameraman, editor and filmmaker coming from Switzerland with a passion to aircrafts and aerial pictures. To this day his work has been viewed about 7 million times on the internet. This time, he teamed up with fellow countrymen, professional paragliders David Geiser and Jeremy Peclard, who pushed the limits to achieve the world's highest double paraglide jump from a hot air balloon. The record breaking high altitude jump took place above the Jura mountains range, predominantly located in France and Switzerland, extending into Germany.

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Colombia Welcomes Paragliders from All around the World

Did you miss the ongoing Worlds in Colombia? Don't worry, there is another big event in Roldanillo, the principal home for paragliding and hang gliding events in Colombia. Located on the west side of the Valle del Cauca at the foot of the Cordillera Occidental the town sits at an elevation of 966 meters and has an average annual temperature of 23°C. It's no surprise, the 14th FAI World Paragliding Championships - the most important paragliding event in Colombian paradise, being held right here (the 2015 WPC ends on the 25th Jan). The Open FAI II Roldanillo Colombia, a XC event that follows right after the World Championship is over, expects high numbers - roughly 150 pilots from almost 40 countries are ready to battle it all out from 27 Jan to 03 Feb 2015.

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Alto Hospicio Paragliding Open 2014

Alto Hospicio Paragliding Open 2014, will take place between 23th at 27th of October, being the first event of the Chilean paragliding competitions series. This year it will be also the 25th anniversary of this Open comp, and like all previous, the event takes place at Iquique flying site, one of the best sites in the world with an average of only seven non-flyable days per year.

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Paragliding Pan-American Championship at Loma Bola

Loma Bola is a mountain sports center set in a beautiful landscapes of Cordoba province, Argentina, focused primarily on paragliders. Over 20 years of experience, Loma Bola have been recognized as pioneers in paragliding, enjoying guided flights, benefiting from its location - accessibility and flight conditions throughout the year have made the site one of the best paragliding centers in the world. Right here, the 2nd FAI Paragliding Pan-American Championship will be held on 1 - 10 November 2014. More in the article.

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