Base jumping

Awesome Aerial Drone Footage of a Base Jump in Moab

A few years ago, flying cameras revolutionized the way an aerial photography and videography had been made by the time the 'drones' hit the market. Today, anybody can capture awesome scenes from a bird's eye perspective, however getting a drone in the air is only the first step to make an interesting material. Seagull Aerial, a young and creative aerial photography and videography company based out of Boulder, Colorado is team of an outdoor enthusiast and a National Geographic award winning photographer with an eye for capturing the moment.
18. 2. 2015

Max Seigal, the lead cinematographer, is a National Geographic award winning photographer. When he's not travelling the world with Lindblad and National Geographic expeditions, he is based out of Boulder, Colorado and works on filming projects around the country with his dad Steve.  Together they started Seagull Aerial to combine passion for photography and love for outdoor. Having worked closely with a number of top athletes (bikers, skiers, paragliders, mountaineers), Seagull Aerial videos are simply stunning. Ever wonder what it feels like to jump off a cliff? Check it out.


18. 2. 2015
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