Aerobatic Flying and Gliding with Martin Kroke in Gap-Tallard, France

Flying over the breathtaking mountain landscape surrounding Gap and Tallard is a glamorous experience. Located directly at the foothills of the French Alps, a small local airport allows you to soar over the blue waters of lake Serre Poncon or survey your recent hike routes from the air. Are you into an even greater experience? This time, it was rather difficult to decide to what section the following report to put into. Say, Aerobatic Gliding.
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Gap - Tallard is an airport located in Tallard, about 12 km south of Gap, both villages in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France. It offers both paved and grassy runway at the height of 600 meters above sea level. By joining Martin Kroke you will be allowed to enjoy also Aerobatic Glider Flights, the ultimate gliding roller coaster full of loops, rolls, turns, upside downs .... and an unforgettable adventure .

Martin Kroke

Martin Kroke has been working as a glider pilot, flight instructor, tow pilot, sports teacher, experience educationalist and guide for outward-bound activities. As a very experienced pilot, Martin has spent 1400 flying hours in powered aircraft - towing, dropping parachutists and doing touristic flights, and even 4700 gliding hours of distance flights, teaching and aerobatic flying. He has obtained FAI 1000 km Diplom for his longest crosscountry flight: 1170 km in Bitterwasser/Namibia. He is an author of: " Experience education on the Wasserkuppe - gliding and nature".

How to get there

The village of Curbans is located just 2 km from Gap - Tallard Airport. Coming from north: take highway up to Grenoble, than Route National N85 over the Col Bayard or N75 over the Col Lus la Croix Haute, from south: highway A51 until La Saulce, than by N85.

Contact: Martin Kroke, Lieu dit La Condamine, F-05110 Curbans, France, Tel. +33 (0) 616727392  To get additional information go to:

Source: Martin Kroke website  Thanks to Martin for approval.  Video: Youtube  Text: Rene

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