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Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger Take English Coastline by Storm

Cabrinha's riders Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger along with their teammate and filmmaker James Boulding hopped on a plane to Great Britain to take on the English coastline. They did a great job and I haven't seen such a good video in a while. The atmosphere goes well with what's going on within the camera frame and both riders show strong riding. England's James homeland so who better could be chosen for this job than him. Take a deep sip from a beer can and enjoy this breathtaking cinematic kite masterpiece.
26. 6. 2015

Take a journey to England, home turf of the English language and James Boulding who shows Alberto Rondina and Anders Krüger where his kiteboarding adventures began. From tiny villages with stone-floored country pubs, to castles and cathedrals, the aura of deep-rooted history emanates from every corner. With breathtaking scenery and a stunningly varied coastline we enjoy the magic of England and its beaches.

Film: James Boulding & Anders Krüger
Edit: James Boulding


26. 6. 2015

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