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Beeline Cup bring together world’s best kitesurfers on Bugaz Sand-Bank

On August 15-23, 2014, on Bugaz And-Bank near Anapa in Russia will take place BeeCamp sports festival. A completely deserted sand bar in the Black Sea was discovered some ten years ago by Russia’s first kiteboarders. The place was recognized as the best in the country for several reasons: its onshore wind and two beautiful spots, with a shallow Kyzyltash Estuary for beginners on the one side of the 12-kilometer spit and the open Black Sea for professionals on the other side. The news of the perfect windy spot found in Russia has spread throughout the entire community, attracting more and more water sports fans each summer. In 2007, Bugaz Spit hosted its first-ever music and sports festival BeeCamp (formerly known as BeeKiteCamp).
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The festival has acquired an international dimension, welcoming increasing number of kiteboarders from around the world every year. By 2014, it has transformed into Russia’s largest kite festival with competitions for the Beeline Cup in several disciplines: course racing, freestyle, and jibbing.

The Beeline Cup is the only event in Russia where our domestic jibbers will compete in the BeeCamp/Rail Masters Contest with the team of world-class stars consisting of Eric Rienstra (US), James Boulding (UK), Craig Cunningham (Canada), Tobi Hölter (Germany), and Maciek and Olec Lewandowski (Poland).

Among BeeCamp 2014 participants are such Russian stars as Russia’s only world kiteboarding champion Peter Tyushkevich, champion of Russia Sergei Belmesov, three-time champion of Russia Sergey Borisov, five-time champion of Russia Nikolai Rakhmatov, two-time snowkiting world champion Anton Uzhegov and professional athletes like Sergei Sotov, Artyom Garashchenko, Anton Tcherkashin, Viktoria Soloveykina, Maxim Chudinovskikh, Yan Valiyev, Ilya Iskhnopulo, Gennady Kirillov and about hundred of sportsmen from all over Russia.

The jury is up there with the athletes. Jibbing chief judge is American legend Brian Wheeler. Course racing will be judged by superior certified judge and multiple world champion Aleksei Razhev, the judge for snowkiting and freestyle is the first category judge, the winner and awardee of Russian and international kiteboarding and snowkiting competitions Denis Garashchenko.

More than 30 top kitesurfers will demonstrate their best tricks in freestyle. Amateurs and professionals will compete for RUB250,000 of prize money. Jibbing competition will be no less spectacular. The competition will take place in close proximity to the coastline in one of the world and Europe’s largest jibbing parks specially constructed for the BeeCamp/Rail Masters Contest. The third discipline of the Beeline Cup is course-racing with the prize money of RUB150,000.

There is no other festival in Russia like the BeeCamp where newcomers have an opportunity to observe spectacular freestyle or jibbing tricks demonstrated by world’s top riders as well as to try hand at calm and shallow waters of the firth. In the near future you will get an opportunity to sign up on for a course in the authorized school of kitesurfing.

See you at BeeCamp!

BeeCamp on social networks: Facebook, Vk, Instagram

To apply for media accreditation at the festival, please contact:

Ekaterina Lebedeva, Tatyana Donskaya, (495) 725-07-08

For more information about the festival, please contact:

Artyom Baibuz (903) 210-90-80


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