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Kiteboarding Burc Beach - Slalom and Kite Masters are coming to Turkey

The fourth PKRA slalom event of the season will be held in Istanbul Turkey, along with the special event the kite masters. Slalom is becoming the up-and-coming discipline with new riders developing and an exciting new format. The races are high-speed, highly technical, extremely competitive and very fun to watch. Alongside the slalom racers, some top riders will be displaying the latest technical moves and some old-school tricks in the kite masters. Burc beach is a great place for slalom event and kite Masters, with daily thermal and frontal winds up to 30 knots.
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With over $20,000 in prize money the competition is bound to be fierce. The top men will receive $3000 for first place and points towards the slalom world rankings. The last event in Fuerteventura showed some of the potential of the high wind slalom racing and how any races up for grabs if you have the right techniques speed and control. The kite Masters is one of the funniest disciplines because competitors do not have the pressure of the world tour rankings and just have to show their best tricks in a few big jumps to get a win. It is very entertaining for the public and always a great show.

Last year’s event was an absolute success, with winds almost every day and great parties at night. You can see some of last years video highligts here. The atmosphere should be the same this year with a bigger event and more competitors. To get the latest news and information go to .

The Burc Beach is situated 30 km north of Istanbul, next to the Kumköy village.

Source: Professional Kiteboard Riders Association website.  With a kind permission of Antoine Jaubert.  All images are property of PKRA.  Photos: Toby Bromwich  Copyright strictly applied. Video: Youtube  

12. 8. 2013

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