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Oman Kiteboarding at Sawadi Beach and Masirah Island

Perhaps unexpectedly for some, but also the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula boasts winds strong enough to provide an ideal environment for bloating your kite. Oman, officially called the Sultanate of Oman, therefore has a strategically important position not only for ships entering the Persian Gulf , but for Kiteboarders looking for unexplored waves and winds of Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea.
29. 7. 2013 Photos: 6 is pleased to introduce you the first international approved Kiteboarding operator in Oman. With two full established centers Kiteboarding Oman are the real experts for wind powered water sport lessons / rental and Kite surfing holidays in Oman. One (and the first) part of their services is located at Sawadi Beach, north of Muscat; the second – a specially established Kite camp is located direct at a huge shallow lagoon on Masirah Island.

Kiteboarding Oman

In 2007, it was opened as the first VDWS-certified kiteboarding school in Middle East, from 2010 on they have also been schooling on the beautiful island of Masirah, east of the Omani mainland. From the beginning, their success was based upon internationally recognised schooling standards that garantuee an up-to-date and high-level education. The team of Kiteboarding Oman is member of the German association of watersports schools (VDWS). They use latest kiting equipment, supported by RRD - Roberto Ricci Designs. The schooling material is constantly renewed and modernized.

Kiteboarding Sawadi Beach

Al-Sawadi is a resort town near Barka, situated about 75 km north of Muscat International Airport directly at the coastline. The transfer takes about 45-60 minutes. Many tourists visit Al Sawadi for diving and to enjoy their holiday on the sand beach, which extends over several kilometres. The Kiteboarding Oman (Sawadi) water sport centre is linked to the Al Sawadi Beach Resort*** and it is located directly on its beach. From Octobre to February, there are about 25° C in Sawadi. In Summer, the temperatures are likely to raise until 40° C. Most of the time, the water temperature stays over 24° C, even in winter. As the wind is usually not too strong, Sawadi Beach is ideal for kiteboarding beginners.

Kiteboarding Masirah Island

In May 2010, Kiteboarding Oman opened a bedouin style kite camp on the island. On Masirah, they offer you the service you already know from their station in Sawadi as well as accomodation right at the spot where kiteboarding lessons take place. As Masirah is located in the Indian Ocean, there are ideal conditions for kiteboarding, especially in summer, when the wind is influenced by the monsoon. Between May and September, the wind blows regularly at over 20 knots. This keeps the temperature under 31° C, even if other parts of Oman report temperatures of up to 40° C or more.

How to get to Masirah Island

By Car From Muscat:

Directions to Masirah Island, starting at "Clock Tower Roundabout" in Seeb between City Centre (shopping centre) and airport: Turn off the roundabout in the direction of “Nizwa”/”Salalah” (Route No. 15), 115km - At exit “Izki”, turn off in the direction of “Sinaw”/”Masirah”. (Route No. 33), 195km - Turn right in the direction of “Masirah” at the Sinaw roundabout.(Route No. 32), 394km - Turn left at the Mahoud roundabout in the direction of “Masirah”/”Hiji” and then at 458 km turn right to “Masirah”. After 10 km you will have reached the “Sanah” ferry landing place.

On the Mesirah Island:

After leaving the village „Hilf“ towards south, always along the west coast. The sea should remain visible on your right hand side. After 33 km there is a signboard “Sur Masirah”. 300 meter after that turn right and follow the tracks though the village. Always along the lagoon right after passing the village you should see the camp of Kiteboarding-Oman.

Address: Kiteboarding-Oman, Sawadi Beach a product of Oman World Tourism L.L.C, Muscat, P.O.Box: 133, P.C: 118, Sultanate of Oman  Phone: Sawadi Beach +968 96323524 Masirah Island: +968 95209117

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Source: Kiteboarding Oman websie and FB profile  Thanks to Alexander Friesl. All images are property of Kiteboarding Oman. Video:  Youtube 

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