Aeromania 2015 - Tuzla Airport

The Regional Association for Aviation Promotion with the help of Regional Air Services - Tuzla Airport will host Aeromania 2015 on July 4th. The show includes aerial acrobatics, live music concerts, an aviation fair, aircraft, retro cars and motorcycle exhibition.
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This is what Aeromania 2015 will bring in the same location:

  • Aerobatic Yakers - three YAK 52 planes
  • Jurgis Kairys - multiple world champion in the aerobatic aviation field, flying the JuKa, after his adventure in the Aegean Sea where he crashed his Sukhoi plane.
  • Ali Ozturk – the Turkish pilot who's flying a Pitts S-2 named "purple Violet"
  • The Romanian national aerobatics team - 5 aircrafts Extra 300 and Extra 300 L
  • aircrafts from Regional Air Services (Diamond DA 20, Diamond DA 40, Diamond DA 42, Cessna 182, AN2 and Bell 206 B3, Cabri G 2 Aerospatiale Dauphin, Agusta 139 si AS 365 Dauphin)
  • MIG-21 LanceR fighter planes
  • Skydivers from Adrian Constandache's team
  • Blue Wings - 7 skydivers from the Romanian Aeroclub
  • John Balon - a hot air balloon
  • Incas planes - BN2A Islander and SuperCub YR-D0028
  • and many others

We’ve got a huge stage placed right in front of the aviation field. This will be the location of an awesome rock concert. Mihai Margineanu - a former student of the Pilots school at Regional Air Services and some other internationally acclaimed bands will be playing all day long. The evening will bring the long awaited pyrotechnics show - 4 planes will be the Air Bandits.

Our guests can also enjoy the old cars belonging to the Retromobil Club, the area where the motorcycles, aircrafts and the hot air balloon exhibition will be hosted. There will be shops for pilots or future pilots - Flying Toys and Pilotshop. Kids will be getting their own supervised playing area.

There is no entrance fee for the general public. However, Aeromania 2015 will bring VIP tickets. Anyone can get right next to the airfield and get a chance to fly and/or parachute jump or join the Hangar Party. The prices range from $12 up to $205. Tickets are available in the Eventim network in Romania - Germanos, Orange, Vodafone, Domo, Humanitas and Carturesti book shops and online on

You can find out more about this event on our Facebook page - RAS Aeroport Tuzla Lrtz and the event page - Aeromania 2015.

After 17 years of flying and the inauguration of new activities in aviation, after breaking records and getting the top spot in Romanian aviation fiels, after carrying over 16.500 passengers using a grass field, REGIONAL AIR SERVICES - International Tuzla Airport will stay right next to those who can appreciate the effort and the passion for aviation.

Aeomania 2015 is supported by Timișoreana, ASTRA Asigurari, Suzuki, Ana Hotel – Hotel Europa and many others. The romanian media is on our side: Prima TV, Neptun TV, ziarul Adevărul, PS News, AeroNews, 73 Locuri de vizitat în România, Aripi Argintii, Radio Vacanța, Radio Constanța, Tabu, Ziarul Info Sud Est, Urban Constanța, Constanța City Walk and others. Media representatives can interview our guests (pilots and musicians) at the Tuzla International Airport on the day of the event.


19. 5. 2015 Comments: 0

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