Freefly The World - Beautiful Edit from Jokke Sommer and Co.

An inspiring and beautiful edit from Satori Factory has recently popped out on the internet featuring professional wingsuiters Jokke Sommer, Petter "PJ" Jonsson and Alex Aimard, freefalling into the most beautiful skydive location on earth, the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland. One of the most impressive valleys in the Alps, nestled between gigantic rock faces and mountain peaks has been skydiver's paradise for some time and this time, the crew around Alex Aimard, the Satori Factory founder, came up with an idea of mixing Skydiving and BASE, wrapped in fantastic camera work, setting, and flying.
25. 5. 2015 Comments: 0

After two years of intense training in the sky and wind tunnel, Jokke was finally ready to use his new skills with my Base rig in the nature. Together with Petter "PJ" Jonsson and Alex Aimard from Satori Factory, they went to Lauterbrunnen for a few test jumps to check the potential of the images Jokke had been visualizing for a year. Inspired to show a different but beautiful way of flying their bodies, this is what we call a perfect flight control. Watch Jokke and co exiting on skydiving altitude and then descending into a free-fly BASE. The edit ends in the air and we can't already wait for more because according to what Jokke says, there will be some low opening involved in part 2. So stay tuned with us for more!

25. 5. 2015 Comments: 0
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