Josef Pavlata died after a long fight with a serious disease

On 9th of January 2010, Mgr. Josef Pavlata, Czech legend of the classic parachuting, member of the Army Sport Team of Parachuting Dukla Prostějov died after a long fight with a serious disease.
10. 1. 2010

His name became famous after he won the World Championship in classic style twice (1986 Ancara, Turkey and 1992 Trieben, Austria). During his career he attended seven world championships and except the two titles above he won also two silver medals (individual discipline) and five other in collective disciplines.

Josef Pavlata started his career in DUKLA in 1974 when he commenced his compulsory military service. He stayed with the DUKLA team as a professional sportsman till the year of 1993, when he became a coach of the Czech team and he lead the younger generation. He left the Czech army in 2001 and became the coach of the Oman representative team till 2008.

Josef Pavlata was very enthusiastic, sincere and stubborn person, which was not acceptable for all the people. Regardless, he will stay the legend of Czech and world parachuting and the top army sportsman.

10. 1. 2010
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