Mali Losinj - actual informations before boogie

We flew to Croatia on the island of Mali Losinj to check if everything is ready for autumn boogie which begins 20/11/2009. The weather is beautiful. Air temperature is 16 degrees, no wind and the sun is still warm here and tans. (Today hi temperature of 20°C).
15. 11. 2009

Manifest and packer room in the building are ready to open. On the airport is a stylish bar where are serving hot and cold drinks throughout Boogies excellent cook. Traffic management and all employees are already looking forward to us.

Departure from Brno (Přerov) is on Friday 20/11/2009 at 11.30 am and under any weather. We still have vacancies. Price for crossing is just 3000,- Kč! First start for parachutists is on Saturday 21/11/2009 at 9:30 am. Manifest opens at 9:00 am. We fly daily. Even in the case of at least 6 paratroopers aboard we guarantee minimal 5 starts per day. You need not worry that you will come and wait until the aircraft is full.

In a place of accommodation is a wonderful wellness center with 5 saunas, steam, massages, whirlpool, large pool and many other water attractions.

15. 11. 2009
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