Cape Town Skydiving - Over Africa´s Southernmost Point

A 40-minute drive north along the R27, or West Coast road as it's more commonly known, is all it takes for you to be whisked from the Cape Town city centre to a drop zone that boasts one of the best views in the world from altitude. Skydive in Africa, jump over Cape Town.
11. 6. 2013

Skydive Cape Town came into being on January 1st, 2002 after it was found that the Cape Parachute Club could no longer adequately cater for the needs of skydivers in Cape Town.

The core management team of Skydive Cape Town consists of Anton Scalabrino , who had been one of the custodians of the Cape Parachute Club for the previous 15 years, and recent arrivals from Gauteng, Peter Mauchan (Long Pete), Ronél Horne and Mark Bellingan. A freelance staff of highly qualified and experienced Tandem Masters, Skydiving Instructors, Freefall videographers and packers assist in ensuring the smooth running of Skydive Cape Town.

Tandem jumps

Out the door for a 120mph/200kph freefall, falling about 25-30 seconds from 9,000ft or for about 35-40 seconds from 11,000ft. The Tandem Instructor opens the parachute at about 5000ft, and a peaceful 3-4 minute parachute ride to the ground follows.

The Drop Zone operates 9 to 4, seven days a week, weather permitting.
Check with Johnathan, 082 800 6290, before driving out.
Tandem skydiving is offered on all operating days, but places are limited so booking is essential.

Source: Skydive Cape Town website (Ronel Horne)   Video:  Text: Thomas

11. 6. 2013
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