Skydive Sebastian - Jumping over Florida Coastline, USA

Our first skydiving team, entering into world´s top jumping spots, boasts a glamorous area of Florida coastline. During freefall and during your flight under canopy at Skydive Sebastian, you are allowed to enjoy a breathtaking views of both Florida peninsula and the Atlantic ocean.
10. 6. 2013

Wanna Skydive on the Florida coast? Skydive Sebastian, a Group Member of The United States Parachute Association, provides you with a very experienced professional team of jumpmasters, services and personalized instructions for the first-time skydivers as well as for the most advanced. Organization of Boogies over Sebastian during the year, accommodation and much more. Get full information at their website:

Dropzone situated between the Daytona Beach and the Palm Beach.

Source:  , Jim ( Sebastian team) . Video:  Text: Tomas M.

10. 6. 2013
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