Skydive Twin Cities - The Largest Skydiving Center in the Upper Midwest

If you are looking for the skydivers “go to” dropzone in the Minneapolis – St Paul area check out Skydive Twin Cities. They have a friendly, family-like atmosphere with an upbeat vibe. Their main location is located conveniently in Baldwin, WI, just a short drive from anywhere in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. It offers both Tandem and Solo skydiving. It also has a large base of experienced skydivers calling it their home so there is always someone to jump with and is a great place to be a spectator. Their second location is in Forest Lake, MN. This location offers Tandem skydives. For 40 years they have been jumping with the Twin Cities area, providing the thrill of freefall tens of thousands. Ready to join them? Read on.

The Baldwin location is situated on their own private airport with a huge, grassy landing area. From '14,000 above, a magnificent view opens up.  One that changes with the seasons.

Founded in 1975, the USPA dropzone is run by Kerry McCauley, who began skydiving in 1986 and John Bucsko who began skydiving in 1980. Combined, they have been skydiving for over 50 years, made over 26,000 skydives and together they make a great team. While Kerry flies the Cessna Supervan 900 (modified Grand Caravan) that can hold up to 17 skydivers, is a tandem and solo skydive instructor, and videographer.  John is a tandem and solo skydive instructor, videographer, and parachute rigger.  

Skydive Twin Cities' staff is the most experienced skydiving staff in the area. They have it all, Tandem as well as Solo (AFF) Instructors, Wingsuit Instructors, Coaches, and Videographers, not to mention the countless experienced jumpers who pitch in to make Skydive Twin Cities amazing. What to do when skydiving is done for the day? The Baldwin DZ offers facilities to accommodate team training and fun jumpers, has a great camping area with hot showers, gas grills, picnic area, pavilion and bonfires; all freely available for use.

Solo jumps ranges from 19 to 22 bucks and reservations are recommended, but not required, for all Tandem jumps and first time Solo jumps. If you ever are in the area, we highly recommend you drop by.

Photos: © Skydive Twin Cities Videographers


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