Some tips and advice before the first jump

Are you going to jump for the first time ? Have you received a voucher for a tandem jump and wonder what to expect ? Just read on for some advice and recommendations, which is good to know before you go to the airport.
29. 5. 2013

Should I be worried ?

Perhaps the most frequent question that will appear with the prospect of falling from a height of several kilometers. The answer is “Yes, you should” ,  not because the parachuting is a dangerous sport, but for the better enjoyment of your jump. There is no need to be shy for your fear, it would be even stranger if you were not afraid at all. In this case, we recommend a visit to a psychiatrist instead of the airport :-)

Is parachuting safe ?

Considering the number of injuries as compared to other sports like football or hockey, it is very safe. Unlike them, however, most accidents do not end happy ending. That is why the safety in parachuting is devoted especially much attention. Today´s parachute is not just a piece of cloth in the bag, but very sophisticated device that eliminates human error. It automatically responds to pilot´s inactivity, monitors altitude and rate of descent and opens the reserve parachute. Therefore, the accident caused by  parachute no opening is very rare. Paradoxically, most accidents occur with an open parachute, especially at ever faster and more daring landing maneuvers of experienced divers. There are hundreds of thousands of sucessfully performed jumps and tandem jumps worldwide every year with a minimum of headlines about accidents.

How long does it take to prepare ?

If you ask yourself this question, then consider why you want to jump. Whether it is a tandem skydive, basic training or the first jump in the AFF course, it is a unique experience so that you should give it enough time. Skydiving is about relaxation, comfort and joy of movement in an environment where they are at home completely different species than human. Enjoy every moment at the airport every stage of your experience - equipment preparation, airplane flight, freefall and landing by parachute.

Another factor that must be taken into account  by the airport operator or jump organizer is the weather. It may be that you have well arranged your jump term, negotiated vacation from work or just a pass from your wife (husband), and right before you start your drive to the airport someone calls you to postpone the jump or even cancel it. It can happen despite increasingly sophisticated meteorologists services and, belive us, it is the most disappointing thing right for the organizers. But as your safety goes always in the first place it's mostly in your best interest to find a more appropriate term.

What to wear ?

Most parachuting courses or jump tandem operators can provide you with a jumpsuite or dress rented free of charge on the spot. If not, then we recommend fitting and warmer clothes. Do not get fooled by summer weather on earth as at an altitude of 4000 meters above the ground it can be pretty cold even in July. As a footwear we recommend tighter shoes that will hold well in your legs. In the opposite case, you can keep looking for your sneakers somewhere on the field or in the woods after your jump. If you have any doubts about your choice of clothing, then please contact the jump operator.

How to Apply ?

Each operator has of course different conditions of registration, but in general, skydiving must always bet on good weather. Set your jump term with as much advance as possible and be prepared for it to be posponed due to momentary weather conditions. In such a case, operator does its best to arrange alternative jump date to suit you best.

What abou taking pictures and video ?

It of course depends on your budget, but we recommend that you get at least some record. For many people it is a one-time experience that will remain in their memory for a lifetime. Photos or video will certainly help your later narrations :-) In addition, the first jump can cause the psychological phenomenon called "sensor overload" when the human brain is not able to handle the amount of new information in such a short period of time and the result may be even a partial loss of memory. With video, you realize these moments because they are stored in your brain and you have the opportunity to experience it in the fullest.  The video of the jump is of a major importance especially for you.

The final word

Do not miss a wonderful experience that does not begin at the aircraft door, but already before your departure to the airport. Enjoy the atmosphere while still on earthas well as landings and jumps of other passengers and parachutists. Set aside your jump for plenty of time to enjoy it to the fullest. And after landing, do not rush back to reality too fast. As the saying goes, “only skydivers know why the birds sing”, so try to come too  Enjoy your jump !

If you have in mind other questions, please ask in the discussion below the article. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

29. 5. 2013
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