Soul Flyers Take Mont Blanc to Task

They’ve been freeflying together for thirteen years and doing all crazy extreme aerial sports together. Thanks to many years of Freefly training (approximately 7000 jumps together) and the other aerial sports they do together, they manage to get extreme precision and a perfect synchronization of all their freefall moves and flights. That's how Soul Flyers would like to be described and that's exactly what those guys are all about, comradeship, passion, pushing the limits. And that's exactly what we like! This time the crew read Mont Blanc the riot act, skydiving at the incredible height of 33,000 ft! Check it out!
19. 6. 2015

Stay tuned for more skydiving, wingsuit flying and B.A.S.E jumping videos!

19. 6. 2015
Tags Skydiving

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