South Africa’s Most Scenic Drop Zone

If you are ever visiting Johannesburg, South Africa's biggest city and capital of its inland Gauteng province, you might consider visiting nearby town of Parys as well. Renown for the largest and one of the oldest known meteor impact sites in the world, this Free State tourist town is also a perfect gateway to whitewater or skydiving. Situated on the banks of the Vaal River, the settings remind those of Paris on the River Seine and that's where the town gets its name from. So it's no wonder this charming town with beautiful range of hills that surrounds it draws adventure enthusiasts from all around the world, skydivers being one of them.
2. 10. 2015

Some say Skydive Parys is South Africa’s most scenic inland Skydiving venue and we have to agree. Parys is situated on the outskirts of the largest meteorite impact in the world which resulted in the scenic mountains surrounding the town. As Earth impact crates are best viewed from aerial point of view, there is no doubt the best place to see it in high feather is from the altitude on the way up in the aircraft.

The impact forced rocks buried some 20km beneath the earth’s crust to be uplifted to the surface and created that a stunning drop zone you’ll jump into. The majestic Vaal River is another treat to look at; its brown-grey color is immediately recognizable and you will be amazed by its size.

Skydive Parys is located at the Parys Airfield that lies less than 5km from the town. This aviation hub is located within odd 1.5 hours' drive from Pretoria and a leisurely one hour drive south from the capital city, making it a perfect weekend gateway. Tandem jumpers and experienced skydivers (PASA B License holders and above only) are welcome to drop from a minimum altitude of 8500ft AGL 7 days a week from Skydive Parys's Cessna 206 which is fitted with an in flight door as well as skydivers step, handles, comfortable floor mat and other skydiver friendly accessories. After you land safely (Skydive Parys is a member of Parachute association of South Africa) on the green lawns you can have a drink or meal at on-site bar or restaurant.

All in all, the Parys Airfield is an aviation hub offering skydivers to experience rush of an adrenalin filled freefall and spectators the chance to relax and enjoy the wonderful world of aviation. Together with the scenic inland views and the famous Vrederfort Dome world heritage site, this dropzone is absolutely a must visit if you ever are in South Africa and would like to see it from a different perspective. There is a selection of skydiving equipment to hire at the DZ and you are recommended to book your jump in advance. For more information visit Skydive Parys's website.

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2. 10. 2015
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