World Parachuting Championships 2014 Czech Republic On-line

Update 27.8.2014 - The World Parachuting Championships of 2014 officially opened yesterday in Prostejov dropzone, Czech Republic. In 2014 the annual peak of the skydiving season moves from the very successful event in Dubai to the largest airport dropzone in the Czech Republic. For the Czechs, who welcome WPC for the first time, it will be the completion of several years of efforts including organizing two World Cup and three European Championships. And again, we can expect a massive event as the estimated number of runners from all over the world is about 500! Watch for the latest news and photos.
30. 8. 2014 Photos: 100

Results : 4-Way VFS

  1. France
  2. United States
  3. Canada
  4. Switzerland
  5. Belgium
  6. Great Britain
  7. Australia
  8. Russia

Results : 8-Way

  1. United States
  2. Russia
  3. France
  4. Great Britain
  5. Netherlands
  6. Australia
  7. United Arab Emirates 
  8. Canada 

Results : 4-Way - Female

  1. France
  2. United States
  3. Great Britain
  4. Canada
  5. Russia
  6. Belgium
  7. Australia
  8. Czech Republic

Results : 4-Way

  1. Belgium
  2. United States
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. Russia
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Great Britain
  8. Germany

Results : Freefliing

  1. Russia 1
  2. France 1 
  3. France 2
  4. Great Britain
  5. Norway
  6. Great Britain
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. USA

Results : Freestyle Skydiving

  1. France 1
  2. France 2
  3. Russian Federation 1
  4. Finland
  5. United States
  6. Russian Federation 2
  7. Great Britain 1
  8. Israel

Day #5 : Gallery + Video


Day #4 : Gallery + Video


Day #3 : Gallery + Video


Day #2 : Gallery + Video


Day #1 : Gallery + Video


WPC 2014 - Official Invitation

Uptade 20.07.2014 - The 2014 World Parachuting Championships will be held from 25th August till 31st August 2014. The official competition jumps will begin on Tuesday 26th August, right after Monday's (25th August) team registration and solemn, publicly accessible opening ceremony.  The competition jumps will last till Saturday 30th August followed by awards ceremony and closing ceremony. All jumps will be performed from the three L-410 aircraft specially prepared just for the championships.

Skydivers will compete in the following categories and disciplines. The first category is FS (Formation Skydiving), which is divided into a 8-way formation and 4-way formation groups. Perhaps the most interesting competition of the discipline can be considered vertical FS, in which athletes show they caught up to 35 formations for 30 seconds and all the free fall upside down at speeds over 300 km per hour. The second category is so-called Artistic Disciplines, including Freeflying, where a trio of riders are trying to deny the laws of physics and showing acrobatic creations and Freestyle Skydiving, which can be described as an aerial ballet.

This year´s brand new discipline will be Speed Skydiving. In its WPC premiere, as the title suggests, that this is a very adrenaline discipline in which the winning contestant achieves the highest speed at a specified time of a free fall (speeds are around 400 km/h).

Information Websites

More information can be found on the official WPC website You can also visit the main organizers´ website

Something For The Visitors

The viewers will be able to watch the skydiving shots from all the disciplines on the large screens that will be placed in the airfield vicinity. The audience may also use some of the airport facilities, visit the demonstration actions of championship partners and sponsors, spend time in a refreshment tent and enjoy many accompanying events including a presentation of the Porsche Brno company, with a test offroad rides, cool off in the tent of ZUBR brewery or bouncy inflatable attractions for children.

During the WPC, all the spectators and visitors will have a unique opportunity to try tandem parachute jump from the same aircraft, which will be used by competitors. For more information on tandem jumps in Prostejov airport, you can go to

How To Get There

The distances from the main regional airports are as follows: Prague airport - 310 km (192 miles), Vienna airport -200 km (124 miles), Brno airport - 70 km (43 miles).

From the main Czech highway D1 (no. E462, R46) exit on EXIT 21 "Prostejov South" ("Prostějov JIH" at the sign). On the first crossroad turn right to road no. 433 direction Výšovice. After 500m turn left (land road) there is a sign "AIRPORT" and continue another 500m. Then turn again left and you will see orange building right in front of you. The competition headquarters are in this building. Find the place on the map of Locations...

The video below maps the previous Championships, it is therefore not taken during the 2014 WPC event.


30. 8. 2014

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