World's First Ever Wingsuit 4 Cross Race

52 of the world's top wingsuit pilots gathered last week at Oakdale, California for Red Bull Aces, the first-ever side-by-side wingsuit racing event. The idea of organizing a brand new wingsuit race came about when Luke Aikins, Red Bull Air Force Pilot, thought long to come up with a new and entertaining format as people fly wingsuits by themselves all the time. According to Aikins, "the biggest challenge was coming up with the safest possible way to have a true competition, one where at the end of the day I can say: This is the best wingsuit pilot." Check it out.
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Andy Farrington of the United States won the world's first Red Bull Aces Wingsuit 4 Cross Race in the skies over the central Californian town of Oakdale last Thursday, flying at speeds of up to 135 miles per hour (217 km per hour) and beating three other rivals in the final down a slalom course in the premiere of the new sport. 

Happy winner Andy Farrington

In the high-speed, high-altitude race through four stationary gates that started with a leap from the back hatch of a sky van airplane at 7,000 feet and descended to the finish line at 3,500 feet, Noah Bahnson (USA) took second and Julian Boulle (South Africa) was third in a field of 52 of the world's best Wingsuit racers from 16 countries. Check out the below video edit and gallery from the event.

Photo credit: RedBull

22. 7. 2014

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