Celorico da Beira - Not Only a World Cup Stop

On Saturday 21st June, 2014 to Saturday 28th June, 2014 the Paragliding World Cup stops at Celorico da Beira - Serra da Estrela, Portugal. Organizer have prepared three stages altogether between Linhares village and Manteigas town to secure the best wind conditions. Located in the Serra da Estrela Mountain, the highest elevation in Portugal, the conditions are the best the country has to offer. Scenic landscapes, good weather and the best paragliders from all around the globe - everything a top class competition cannot do without. We can look forward to a lot of flying and high performances. Read on to find out more about this location - maybe we have just given you an excellent tip for your adventure!
29. 5. 2014

Portugal is a beautiful country that has it all, ocean and mountains; you do not need anything else. Celorico da Beira's municipal town (the event headquarter office is here, at a cultural center "Centro Cultural") situated in the mountain massif of the Serra da Estrela is close to several flying sites spread into three main areas to make sure the possible change of wind direction doesn't catch organizers unawares. The three main sites are Linhares da Beira, Azinha and Ceia. The organizers have however covered only the first two; Linhares da Beira, Azinha - here you are.



Coordinates: N 40.532707°, W 007.445449°
Altitude (ASL) - 1176m
AGL - 480
Orientation - NW / W / SW

Large take off with a carpet
Road access is not bad but the last 1,5 km is mostly a dirt road


Coordinates: N 40.549931°, W 007.456370°
Approximately 2km from Linhares, a road to the village is beside

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Linhares Da Beira take-off

Bird's view

Linhares Da Beira landing area



Coordinates: N 40.4308919°, W 007.4555612°
Altitude (AGSL) - 1250m
AGL - 700m
Orientation - S

Good takeoff from most directions with winds blowing not more than 15km/h
Dirt road access in a good condition, the site is located about 7 km from Sameiro
Not advised for inexperienced pilots between 11 AM and 18 PM !


Coordinates: N 40.4036646°, W 007.4425614°
Big field near the Zêzere river located about 1 km from Vale de Amoreira

Azinha's take-off

If you can't be present on site at this event, take this as a good tip for your next paragliding adventure. But we advise you to go anyway and soak up the atmosphere of the World Class paragliding. Judging by the videos we have found, the place is worth to check, it is beautiful. There are several places to stay in Celorico da Beira. The nearest airport is Porto (180 km). 

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29. 5. 2014

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