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Carlos Madureira is owner and head instructor of Arizona´s Fly High Paragliding. He is originally form Brasil, where he first saw paragliding in 1980s. He knew instantly that this was the sport he dreamed about. He than learned paragliding in Spain from Ramon Morilla and began an apprenticeship program at DRACO S.L. in Spain, considered one of the best paragliding Schools in Europe. Nowdays Carlos has more than 17 years experience of flying and he passes his skills to his students. His school offers various courses and here is a small sample:
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Tandem Paragliding 

Almost everyone has dreamed of flying – soaring through the sky like a bird at some point in his or her life. Arms stretched out, running a few steps, being lifted off the ground and leaving it behind to circle high up in the sky. For most people this remains a dream and then there are those who don’t want to leave it at that, who search and find a way to turn those dreams into reality: those who fly a paraglider!

This is an experience not to be missed and must be tried at least once in your lifetime. No experience necessary to fly over beautiful mountains in Arizona with a certificated USHPA pilot. Our tandem flights are scheduled 4 times a day. We fly in the summer and winter, weather dependent. We will fill out some legal papers, the pilot will give you a briefing at launch and you will be put into a comfortable harness. With just a few running steps you and your pilot will take off the side of the hill like a bird. In Power Paragliding, you launch from the ground, there is no running off of a cliff, you just sit in your seat or harnessed seat, relax and enjoy the flight. Each person is in their own harnessed seat; the passenger sits relaxed in front and the pilot behind you.

Tandem flights can be enjoyed by just about anyone under 240 pounds For the free fly and Power Paragliding 200 pounds of any age, minors need to be accompanied by adult. If you can run you can fly!

Paragliding Level 1 Certificate (P1)

P1 certification introduces practical, theory and ground handling and a written examination.

It is possible to complete a P1 certification course within 3 to 5 days and you can learn to fly solo with instructor supervision. Our private courses are designate to meet your schedule. We are available weekdays and weekends (Reservation and deposit Required)

You will receive intensive ground school practical experience & instructional discussions. You will then fly solo, radio assisted by your inscructor, in all of your flights throughout your P1/P2 courses. If you need, we will fly multiple instructional tandem flights, as part of your learning process.
Price $800 - for current students with Fly High Paragliding School. After completion of a "Discovery Paragliding Day".

Price $1200 - without "Discovery Paragliding Day".
Fly High Paragliding has only professional instructors available weekdays and weekends living and teaching the dream of flying, and with over a decade of experience. We are not teaching paragliding as a weekend part time job.

Paragliding Level 2 Certificate (P2)

After successful completion the P1 course you can look forward to P2 certification. From your initial course (P1) this full course provides you the opportunity to fully earn your wings. The P2 certification is all you need to fly all novice rated sites in the country and world –while it will take you through all required ground school written tests in- flight training you need to fly on your own without instruction supervision. This training process will develop your skill and knowledge, and include comprehensive ground school on paragliding flight weather; reserve parachutes, equipment, risk management and other related topics. With the successful completion of the P2 certification course and the purchase of equipment you can continue to join training classes to refresh or perfect your skills, at no additional cost and begin flying solo without instructor supervision.
Price $1600 - When prepaid in full, $400 will be applied to equipment purchased when you buy a full set (Paraglider, reserve, chute, harness, helmet) through Fly High Paragliding and a $200 credit will go toward your P3 course.

Paragliding Level 3 Certificate (P3)

The Fly High Paragliding P-3 Training Program is the result of over a decade of paragliding instruction by one of the top pilots in Arizona, advanced Tandem paragliding instructors Carlos Madureira.

This program is designed to help novice pilots to progress through more advanced skills.

This training consists of solo training from South Mountain, Craters, and eventually Mingus our high altitude site. You will develop ridge soaring technique, thermal and cross-country, perfecting top landing skills, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to have success flying in the mountains.

We will also spend time to introducing ridge soaring techniques when the conditions allow for it.

During each flight, your instructor will assist and critique you via radio. During these solo flights you will develop the skills and build self-confidence to fly any P3 site.Fly High Paragliding P3 Course

Your instructor will place temporary limitations on the conditions in which you may fly. You may end up flying tandem with your instructor if the conditions look marginal for where you are on the learning curve.

The general rule is that your high altitude flights will be limited to winds less than 12 miles per hour if smooth, and winds of less than 5 miles if gusty. Gusty conditions are very often unfavorable for flying a paraglider.

Together with your Instructor, your textbook and modern paragliding equipment, you have what we believe to be the finest tools with which to safely learn to paraglide.

Keep in mind that you must supply the remaining ingredient for safe paragliding. This ingredient is your strong commitment to operate within the guidelines established by the United States Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association and your flight instructor. For without this commitment, you will significantly increase the dangers that are inherent in this form of flight.

Mountain Thermal Clinic

Schedule a private mountain thermal clinic to suit your schedule.

The purpose of this clinic is to improve a paraglide pilot's overall knowledge and skill of mountain thermal flying. The one on one approach will help the student get detailed information on local site reading and analysis, micro meteorology, thermal visualization and associated danger are some of the subjects covered in detail

The instructor will observe and critique the student's technique and recommend how to maximize their personal strengths and correct potentially poor habits.

Special attention is devoted to how a pilot can safely prepare and begin flying thermals. Harnesses fitting pilot body posture, understanding glider feedback and methods to increase control sensitivity are discussed as well

A midday tandem flights will give the student some first hand experience with strong conditions and help you understand the progression of those stronger conditions.

These clinics are built around each individual pilot and skill level
DAY CLINIC - Price $175 - This includes: In flight supervision & instruction. Daily sessions of private instruction. 1 Tandem Flight if needed. Truck riders.

Instructor Bios

Carlos Madureira - Known to be one of the top 10 windsurfers in Brazil in the 1980’s, Carlos saw paragliding for the first time in his hometown in Brazil when a group of instructors from Spain were flying there. He knew instantly that this was the sport he dreamed about. One of these instructors was Ramon Morilla from Spain. He recognized Carlos’ passionate interest and invited him to Spain to learn. Carlos learned as much about paragliding as he could from Ramon Morilla and his brothers; these three fellows are all well known in Europe as being some of the best paragliders. Shortly after learning to fly paragliders, Carlos realized that he wanted to be a full time paraglider. He began an apprenticeship program at DRACO S.L. in Spain, considered one of the best paragliding Schools in Europe. Here is where Carlos began learning the art of teaching people how to fly Tandem and became a full time paragliding instructor. Through his commitment to quality instruction Carlos was awarded ABVL’s (Brazilian Paragliding Association) to be one of the best tandem instructors in Brazil.

Currently, Carlos has over 17 years of experience with teaching people how to paraglide and over 60% of his 7000 flights have been instructional tandem flights. He has certified over 200 students in Brazil. We are fortunate now to have Carlos sharing his experience with all those who desire, here in Phoenix, AZ as owner of FLY HIGH Paragliding School. Within the last 5 years over 100 people have learned how to fly under Carlos’ instruction. Others pilots from other schools from all over the nation have sought him out to improve their skills with the various clinics that he offers.


Fly High Paragliding
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