Moldova Open 2014 - XC Competition

Moldova is a country offering beautiful and natural landscapes that you can fully apprehend from above. Apart from famous agricultural products and wine, the Republic of Moldova is a perfect land for flying activities. Most of the country is hilly and the largest part of the nation lives between two rivers, the Dniester and the Prut. And right here, along the Dniester River in the vicinity of Roghi and Molovata villages near Dubasari, the Moldova Paragliding Championship has been organized for the fourth time. This year on 16 - 20 May, 2014. This international event with FAI status (category II) is very popular, drawing licensed as well as non-licensed paragliders from neighboring countries to the Moldavian Plateau every time it's held. Beautiful sport combined with amazing scenery and warm atmosphere, that's what is this event all about.
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In a small area along the winding and steep banks of the Dniester River, the wind blows in almost every direction in a five-kilometer radius. At 80 -100 m altitude, thermodynamics slopes can confidently fly at a height of 70-100 meters. Thermal or any changes are clearly visible - the wind ripples the surface. In a good weather, good pilots do not last longer than 30-40 minutes at the slope. A common base height is 1500-2000 meters where the wind can easily fly you 60 km over the flat trails. The only thing that usually stops good pilots are relatively small borders of Moldova.

The competition will take place on slopes with elevations of max. 430 m (1,411 ft) near villages of Roghi and Molovata about 50 km from Chisinau, historically also known as Kishinev, the capital and largest city of Moldova. There are a lot of picturesque villages, several camp sites and private hotels around the area to check yourself in. The nearest major town Dubossary is located 7 km from Molovata. The closest airport is the International Airport of Chisinau.


May 16 
Arrival, training and qualification flight, registration, instruction on the rules of use of the airspace in the RM and security measures, inspection of equipment and equipment

May 17
10.00 – Official Opening Ceremony
10.30 – Arrival at the start
11.00 – a briefing on safety and flight characteristics of the region
11.30 – task-briefing at the start
12.00-18.00 – flights on orders
18.00-22.00 – GPS-monitoring

May 18 – 20  competitive days
9:30 am – Arrival at the start
10.30 – task-briefing at the start
11.00-18.00 – flights on orders
18.00-22.00 – GPS-monitoring

May 20
19.00 – The closing ceremony and award winners announcement
20.00 – Gala evening dedicated to the closing ceremony

Maximum number of participants: 70 participants.

Important information

Each pilot must have:

  • FAI license (pilots that do not have a FAI license will be allowed to compete only if the maximum of 50 pilots is not reached)
  • National paraglider certificate and a completed pilot logbook
  • Medical insurance for the duration of the competition (with a "Paragliding" mark on it) acquired in pilot’s country of residence
  • Insurance liability to third parties for the period of the competition (can be purchased on the spot)
  • Healthy paragliding equipment, including a reserve and a helmet
  • GPS (other than GARMINs will need to provide a computer cable)
  • It is desirable to have a 144 MHz radio and a mobile phone


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