Paragliding Pan-American Championship at Loma Bola

Loma Bola is a mountain sports center set in a beautiful landscapes of Cordoba province, Argentina, focused primarily on paragliders. Over 20 years of experience, Loma Bola have been recognized as pioneers in paragliding, enjoying guided flights, benefiting from its location - accessibility and flight conditions throughout the year have made the site one of the best paragliding centers in the world. Right here, the 2nd FAI Paragliding Pan-American Championship will be held on 1 - 10 November 2014. More in the article.
10. 10. 2014

Situated in stunning landscapes of  Sierra de San Javier, a former biological park and protected area consisting of 14,714 acres of beautiful countryside, Loma Bola presents one of the best paragliding centers in South America. Due to an excellent climatic conditions that allow flying all year with great confidence, many flight schools operate there and the place also hosts a lot of national and international events. Located only 11 kilometers from San Miguel de Tucuman city, between San Javier and Villa Nougués, this paragliding spot is a real gem.

More from the organizers Los Caranchos Delta Club:

"We fly here every day when the weather permits, and the  takeoff features great amenities such as  bar, parking, bathrooms, Internet access, etc. The takeoff in Loma Bola has enough space for 5 to 6 pilots to take off simultaneously. The entire surface has a very comfortable lawn sloping that makes canceling a takeoff at the last minute an easy without any consequences. It has a height of 800 mts and spring ceilings of about 1200 m above takeoff are achieved. Prevailing winds 5 to 18 km/ h are from the South - Southeast and usually at this time of year fly between cumulus that guide the way."

Sounds like a great place to check out. If you ever there and want to fly, get in touch with the local club "Los Caranchos", they know the place as no other. In the meantime, check out their second event, the Pan-American Championship.

Contact Details:


Avda. Mate de Luna 3864 San Miguel de Tucumán, (4000) Argentina
Tel: +54 9 3814908454

Loma Bola Takeoff: 26º49’21.48’’ S – 65º22’07.41’’ W – 1350 m

Photos: © Julian Cisterna


10. 10. 2014

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