Sun Valley - Idaho's Paraglider Paradise

Sun Valley area is a magical place. Revolving around outdoor activities there are tons of things to do here. Due to the Northern Rockies, the area is chiefly sought after mountain bikers, skiers and paragliders. One of the higher summits, Bald Mountain, offers stunning and colorful views of local mountain ranges and foothills. If you are a serious paraglider, a paragliding flight over the mountains of Idaho should be at the top of your bucket list. Our tip is Fly Sun Valley, a local paragliding operator that has an exclusive permit to launch tandem paragliding trips off not only from "Baldy", Idaho's primary flying site, but many other take-offs such as Greenhorn, Sky Ridge, Sun Peak, or Mindbender.
13. 4. 2015

Fly Sun Valley is the only fully insured and permitted paragliding operation of the Sun Valley Resort, conducting flights in cooperation with the Sun Valley Company and through an exclusive commercial permit issued by the US Forest Service.

Owned and operated by Chuck Smith, is a former factory test pilot for UP International, Fly Sun Valley offers tandem flights, flight instruction, equipment sales, guiding services, airborne weddings, aerial photography & video, air shows & demonstrations to name a few. Chuck began flying paragliders in 1987 in Switzerland, initially utilizing "parapentes" as a descent tool for mountaineering activities in the Alps and later for climbs in the Rockies, Andes and Himalayas. He was also involved in the formation of the American Paragliding Association, (APA) the original governing body of paragliding prior to its merger with the USHPA. 

Apart from his contribution to the sport of paragliding, he is also a US National Champion and national team member, holds numerous flying records and awards, (including the 5 Diamond Safety Award), is an USHPA Advanced Instructor, USHPA Tandem Administrator and has personally flown over 5000 safe tandem flights. You'll be in good hands if you decide to fly with him, you can be sure of it.

" Our team of expert tandem pilots/instructors are prepared to introduce you to an unique aerial experience. There is no better way to enjoy the remarkable beauty of the Sun Valley area. We invite you to join the thousands that have safely flown with us. Launching is easy as we stride a few steps and our glider smoothly lifts into the air — there is no “jumping off” any mountain cliff. We encourage you to bring a camera to capture all the aerial fun. Our pilots also have cameras and are ready to record this wonderful experience and the fantastic mountain scenery of Idaho", summarizes Chuck.

Fly Sun Valley fly all year round

Sounds good? Give Chuck a call at 208-726-3332 or drop him a message to For more information visit

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13. 4. 2015

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