Bungy Jumping

Bloukrans Bridge Bungy, 216 meters , Western Cape, South Africa

The owners of Bloukrans Bungy jump were instrumental in introducing bungy jumping to the African continent in 1990. The first bridge to be bungy jumped off in Africa was the Bloukrans River Bridge. At the time, this was the highest bungy jump to be performed in the world.

The Bloukrans Bungy offers jumps from one of the world´s highest bungy bridges. Its operator have had a number of world records associated with Bloukrans. In 2003, Bloukrans bungy was recognised as the worlds highest commercial bungy jump in the world. In 2008 they were part of two more world records. Veronica Dean performed 19 bungy jumps in one hour and Bill Boshoff performed 101 jumps in a 24 hour period. Bill’s world record was subsequently surpassed, but in 2011 they facillitated Scott Huntley to regain the world record with 107 jumps in the 24 hour period.

How to get there:

Travel on the N2 from Cape Town 40 km East of Plettenberg Bay, you will go through the Tsitsikamma tollgate 3 km past the tollgate you will drive over the bridge, and 500m past the bridge, turn left at the road sign "Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village / BungyJumping". If you are travelling from Port Elizabeth, the bridge is 20 km West of the Storms River Bridge. Please turn in at the Tsitsikamma Khoisan Village, which is also signposted with "bungy jumping”

The Bloukrans bridge is 216 meters (709 feet) above the Bloukrans River. Bungy jump operations is open 365 days of the year during all weather conditions (except gale force winds).

To get more information about Bloukrans just go to:   www.faceadrenalin.com  

Source:  Faceadrenalin website ( Thanks to Thomas Ngomana )    Video: Youtube.com

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