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Bungy Cairns – Australian Bungy from its Founder

The AJ Hackett worldwide groups of companies (AJ Hackett, Australia, France, Germany, Macau, Singapore & Russia) represent the ultimate innovation and commitment to excellence in adventure tourism. Inspired by the vine jumpers of Vanuatu, pioneer AJ Hackett has won international acclaim for turning bungy jumping into an extreme sport phenomenon. The company also operates other gravity related experiences outside of Bungy Jumping and have thrilled over 3.5 million customers since it's inception in 1988.
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Adrex.com, in cooperation with AJ Hackett company, is going to present you gradually all of their excellent jumping spots worldwide. We start in Queensland, Australia. Cairns is sandwiched between the rainforest of the Atherton Plateau and the renowned Great Barrier Reef in Northern Queensland Australia.

The Cairns tower situated 15 kilometers from Cairns on the foothills of Saddleback Mountain, stands 50 meters above a five-meter-deep pool. The tower is 30 meters wide at the base and 15 meters at the top. It’s extremely stable, surviving winds of up to 180km/h during Cyclone Joy, which sat 50 km off the coast of Cairns for several days during December 1990.

Today the site has purpose built reception areas, bar, viewing decks, Minjin Jungle Swing and an outdoor amphitheater and our world class Jump Menu allows Bungy enthusiasts to Jump 16 different styles, from the classic swan dive to a running roof jump! Cairns is the only Bungy site in the world to offer this range of jumps, and over the past two decades customers from all corners of the globe have embraced the opportunity to jump.


Source: With a kind approval of AJ Hackett Cairns ( Special thanks to Jacqui Flack) , Photos: AJ Hackett Cairns

Video: Youtube.com Text: Cairns website , Thomas M.

14. 6. 2013 Comments: 0

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