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Bungy Jumping James Bond Style - Bungy 007 - Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Jumping from the top of Verzasca Dam in Switzerland can be certainly included among the world´s top 3 bungee jumping experiences. The Dam served the film-makers shooting the James Bond „GoldenEye“ scene back in 1995. And as you can read from the Jump Master´s mobile number today, the tradition, like the Agent 007, „never dies“ :-)

Completed in 1965, the so called Contra Dam or Locarno Dam, in Verzasca Valley, Ticino, Switzerland, ranks among the highest in the world. Named after the Verzasca River, it is 220 meters high, 25 meters wide and its crest stretches to a lenght of 380 meters. Thanks to its not entirely typical shape it provides enough space for a safe bungy jumping under its concrete edge. It has been allowed for bungee jumping for the past 18 years and during this time it has provided thrill to thousands of jumpers. The jumps on offer: Classic (for beginners), Backwards, Night Jump and Ultimo for the experienced only, with a minimum of 3 jumps history, are well run by the Trekking Team company and their experienced staff. Adrex.com recommends their services as highly professional.

To get to Verzasca

The Dam is located just 3 km drive east (Highway 13, Exit Valle Verzasca) from the centre of Locarno, at the southernmost point of the Lake Vogorno (Lago di Vogorno), in Ticino Canton of Switzerland. For the international connection it is the best accessible from Lugano, from which it is some 20 km to the north by Hwy 2 and then to Diga Verzasca, Gordola. Travelling by train or by bus you have to search the Diga Verzasca, Verzascatal station.

Bungy Jumping is provided every weekend from April till the end of October, with the main season in July and August operating also on Wednesdays to Fridays (from 13:30) in addition.

Contacts: Trekking Team AG, Vigna nuova 21/ Casa Rosina, 6652 Tegna, Switzerland.  Tel. G: 091-780 7800 , Mobil: +41-79-6 007 007   For more information visit:  www.trekking.ch    

Source: Trekking.ch website and FB profile  Thanks to Anton Dragantis for permission. All images are property of Trekking Team AG. Copyrights strictly applied.  Video: Youtube

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