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Bungy Shidu - Bungee Jumping around Beijing, China

There are several different fine places for bungy jumping around China´s capital. Adrex.com is going to intoduce you all of them gradually. Not that high jumps, but in a nicer environment can be found in the valley of Juma River, near the town of Shidu. Surrounded by karst landscape, with many slightly forested mountains, the river has cut a glamorous way through them creating sceneries surely worth a visit. And also the JUMP !
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There are two constructions built to serve as a bungee platforms in Shidu - 48m high and 55m high. The first 48m high platform extened off the cliff over the Juma River was built in May, 1997. It was the first bungee jumping of this kind in China. In April, 1998, another 55m high jumping platform was constructed by the first one. Both the jumping platforms are extended midway from the cliff by Juma River against the unique views of the water and surrounding mountains.

How to get to Shidu

By car you have to drive southwest of Beijing by S317 first, then follow S320 till Xiasicun, turn right there and continue some 10 km more to Tianlushan Scenic Area, Shidu, Juma Paradise (rd. X017). Shidu is reachable also by train as the Beijing–Yuanping railway has a station there, with only one daily train from Beijing West Station to Shidu town (Train 6437). To travel to the spot by Bus you can take public Bus 917 from Tianqiao.

The article published in cooperation with www.tour-beijing.com . Special thanks to Daniel Li. Video: Youtube  Text: Martin

10. 9. 2013 Comments: 0

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