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Jauntal Bridge Bungee Jumping with Gerhard Grabner, Carinthia, Austria

Jauntal Bridge is a railway bridge over the river Drava located some 10 kilometers east of the Austrian city of Völkermarkt. You can reach it by taking Lavamunder Strasse (nr.80) from Völkermarkt to Eis village. The bridge offers an amazing 96 meters deep jumps into the Drava valley, which ranks the attraction among the highest in Europe.
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The outstanding construction of the 430 m long bridge began in 1959 and it was built as a part of Austrian Jauntalbahn railway, which was completed in 1964. Adrex.com recommends Jauntal Bungy Adventure, the company has been operating in the area since 1991. They offer high security, not just because of their over 35,000 jumps, but the huge experience with bungee overall.

Contact: Jauntal Bungy Adventure , Eis 81, Ruden, Kärnten, 9113, Austria. Tel. +43 4234 222 / 24  , +43 676 518 519 1

To get additional information go to:  www.bungy.at    

Source: Jauntal Bungy Adventure website  Thanks to Gerhard Grabner. Video: Youtube

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12. 8. 2013 Comments: 0

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