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With over 24 years of experience in adventure tourism, Alpin Raft is the outdoor specialist in the Interlaken region. Their backyard and adventure playground is the Bernese Oberland, renowned for it’s stunning mountains, lakes and rivers. Here you can do everything from a relaxing sea kayak trip on a glacial-fed lake to an adrenaline-buzzing bungy-jump out of a mountain gondola. Adrex.com in cooperation with Alpin Raft is gradually going to introduce you all of their activities.
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We begin with  Jumpin´ of all kinds in the heart of Alpine natural beauties. You can expect here really high quality of service and perfect safety precautions. Adrex.com likes and recommends both excellent ways of jumping:


A unique 85m jump into a glacial gorge, over a snow fed river, and surrounded by the mountains of the Jungfrau Region.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCErtDSVrSI&feature=player_embedded


Stockhom bungy located in the Swiss Alps is one of the most breathtaking and unusual bungy sites in the world. You are lifted 134m up in a mountain gondola, the doors open and you take the plunge; leaping and freefalling towards the pristine mountain lake Stocksee. Enjoy the rush of a lifetime before our experienced jump master lowers you slowly down into the waiting boat, and remember to smile for the camera.            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLYX0xCTw6Q&feature=player_embedded

Minimum weight 45kg / 100lbs / maximum weight 115kg / 255lbs. A photo service is available on all Bungy Jumping activities.        More information, go to:      http://www.alpinraft.com/en/

Source: Alpine Raft website  ( Thanks to Julie Paterson )    Photos: Alpine Raft

21. 6. 2013 Comments: 0

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