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Longqing Gorge - Bungee Jumping Around Beijing, China

Longqing Gorge is a karst mountain area situated in northeast Yanqing District, which is about 90 km north of Chinese capital. The gorge, reputed to be the „Little Three Gorges“, features clear turquoise waters, heavily forested hills and many beautiful rock formations and karst caves. The site ranks among the most exciting Beijing day-trips to the countryside. While inside the River Gucheng created valley, you will have the opportunity to boat on the lake formed by river´s waters – and spice up your cruise with an extraordinary experience.
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Longqing Gorge is one of the most favorite places located in the Beijing suburb. As one of the most beautiful Beijing surrounding nature destinations, the place is promoted to be one of Chinese Scenic Areas. Not only a perfect relaxing destination, Longqing Gorge is an ideal place to do extreme sports such as bungee jumping (CNY 150 per person), rock-climbing or abseiling (for CNY 50 per person). Adrex.com presents Longqing Gorge Bungee Jumping Platform.

Longqing Gorge Bungee Jumping is a Bungee Jumping Site located within Longqing Gorge Scenic Area. You are reuqired to pay CNY 40 to enter Longqing Gorge Scenic Area. The cruise on the lake costs CNY60. The Longqing Bungee Jumping is built on the 48 meters high platform, which is extended from a cliff known as Jingang Temple Cliff. This bungee was designed by the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense with the main equipments all from American ADA system.

Contacts: From Beijing you can take both bus and train transport to get to Yanqing first, then you can continue by taxi or by bus directly to Gucheng village (entrance to the area). There is also a straight bus running from Beijing but its nr. is often changing ( last nr. 919 from Beijing-Deshengmen). Tel. 010 – 69191020

Source: Tour Beijing website   Thanks to Daniel Li.  Video: Youtube  Text: Martin Alexander

29. 10. 2013 Comments: 2

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marita 30.10.2013 11:10

wonderful, beautiful scenery, I also want to try one.

andrea 30.10.2013 11:12

Yes, they are very brave, I would like to try.

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