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Polish King of Bungee - Stanislaw Góralczyk - Bungee Warsaw, Zakopane and more …

He comes from Hajnówka, a small town on the edge of Bialowieza Forest. His first bungy jump was done in 1991 during the course of paragliding precursor to bungee jumping in Poland, commando Mietka Lenczewski from Bielsko Biala. He completed a course of instructor of bungy jumping in Italy in 1995. Friends call him Mario.
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Adrex.com is pleased to introduce Stanislav Góralczyk, Polish adrenaline specialist. Among other things, he was able to perform world's first jump from the roof of a Poltegor skyscraper in Wroclaw. Mario is the first Pole which jumped from a height of 220m from the dam in Switzerland. He took part in the Polish record in stroke group (5 persons from height 90m), jumped underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine and jumped hooked to only one hand from 90 meters.

Mario has gained trust of more than 35,000 athletes for over 18 years. His jumping score is ​​more than 2,500 from different objects. He actively participates in other extreme sports including paragliding, moto-gliding, skydiving, sailing and diving.

Jumping.pl is a leading provider of bungee jumping in Poland. They are able to organize jumps around the country with 2 main spots in Warsaw and Zakopane.

To get all information about Bungee jumping in Poland, just go to :   www.jumping.pl/

Source: Jumping.pl website ( Special thanks to Mario´s approval )    Video: Youtube.com

19. 6. 2013 Comments: 0

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