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The Bridges of Solkan - Bungee Jumping in Slovenia

The bridges of Solkan are situated near Nova Gorica in western Slovenia. It is almost exactly on the Slovinian-Italian border. Solkan is part of the Nova Gorica town with a special status. There are actually two bridges over the Soca river close to each other. Adrex.com is the first server that provides the correct information about the area focusing on Bungee jumping from the bridges.
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The first (and older) Solkan Bridge is a 220 metre long arch bridge with arch span its of 85 metres, it is the second-longest stone bridge in the world and the longest stone bridge among train bridges. It was originally built between 1900 and 1905, and officially opened in 1906. The second - Solkan road bridge - was finally completed in 1985 and it is a bridge for the road towards the hills of Goriška Brda. With its height of 55 meters, Solkan Road Bridge is the only Bungee center in Slovenia. It means that all the jumps take place here, and NOT on the old (and the most photographed) stone rail-bridge.

Bungy Solkan

Adrex.com hereby recommends the team of TOP Extreme sport center that is the operator of bungee from the Solkan bridge. It provides bungee jumps from April till October, weather permitting. Jumps take place once a week (Saturday or Sunday) from 10:30 till 16:00. In advance reservation is obligatory (on Thursday or Friday before the weekend by phone). Reservations: info@top.si ; toprafting@gmail.com  Tel. 00386 41 620 636 or 00386 31 620 636.

Sports centre TOP Extreme is situated 6 km from Bovec - direction Nova Gorica on the main road (500m before village Zaga). Near the road on the right is sign Sport centre TOP Extreme. Address: Top Extreme sport center, Zaga 151, 5224 Srpenica pri Bovcu Tel.: +386 41 620636

To get more information on more TOP activities go to:   www.top.si   

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Source: TOP Extreme website  Thanks to Ales. All images are property of TOP Extreme sports center.  Video: Youtube  Text: Thomas  Bridges photo: Wikimedia - Miran Hladnik

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