Climbing The Nose: An Insight into World's Most Iconic Route

In three days time he managed to grab the El Capitan's treacherous "Nose", world's most famous rock route. It was last year when the Dutch climber Jorg Verhoeven became the first non-U.S. climber to achieve that feat but recently, a documentary following Jorg's successful free-climb hit the internet. Jorg has mainly excelled at competition climbing before, winning the Overall Lead World Cup in 2008 and was World Youth Champion twice but by sending The Nose, he proves he's got what it takes on real rock too, topping out one of the world's hardest big-wall free routes. Check it out.
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In October of 2014, Jorg Verhoeven spent 30 days in Yosemite Valley, California with one goal in mind; Make a free ascent of The Nose (5.14), on El Capitan, arguably one of the world's most famous climbs. Join Jorg as he explains why this route is so hard, what keeps people from climbing this iconic route free, and what he personally invested into his remarkable ascent. Tommy Caldwell and Lynn Hill help narrate this incredible story of determination and perseverance that ultimately leads to the 5th free ascent of The Nose. Produced By Louder Than Eleven ( Original Score by: Fizzix Productions (

1. 10. 2015 Comments: 0
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