IMS – a great rope team for the world of alpinism

Dear Ladies and Gentleman, at the official opening ceremony on Tuesday night, IMS organizer Alex Ploner welcomed all participants, guests and supporters. Numerous partner organizations, alpine clubs and political institutions helped realize the event IMS.

“It is your platform, fill it with life and use it for your own ideas, desires and criticism”, Ploner explained. The IMS is pleased to welcome 15 of the most popular and successful mountaineers in Brixen. South Tyrol’s governor Dr. Luis Durnwalder proclaimed: “We are happy that so many mountain enthusiasts made it here.” The mayor of Brixen, Albert Pürgstaller, appreciates the huge success of the event. He confessed: “From the outset, I have always been confident about this project. We support the IMS because we believe in it.” Officials, institutional actors, alpinists and other actors symbolically joined the rope team and thereby jointly opened the platform of alpinism 2010.

First IMS congress day “Right to Risk”

Georg Simeoni, Senior Chairman of the Alpenverein Südtirol, summarizes the conclusion of yesterday’s discussions. The representatives of the alpine associations, the press, public officials and alpinists all agree: “We want to defend the right and freedom to risk”, Simeoni declared on behalf of the alpine clubs from Germany, Austria, Italy and South Tyrol. The alpine associations see awareness raising and education as important instruments to ensure safety on the mountains. They also want prevent further legal regulations. Individual responsibility should be ranked first, but there will always remain an element of risk in mountain sports, Simeoni explained. Dr. Christian Wadsack, president of the Austrian Alpine Club concluded with his appeal: ”the last natural danger areas have to be preserved.”

Outlook : IMS highlights Thursday 4 November 2010

Tomorrow, Thursday 4 November 2010, the IMS congress will be devoted to “Dolomites - UNESCO world natural heritage”. UNESCO representatives, tourism and environmental experts will be discussing the chances of and responsibility for preserving the world heritage.

There will be another chance to engage in personal dialogues with top alpinists: Simone Moro, Denis Urubko und Krzysztof Wielicki will take hikers from Kreuztal to Rossalm mountain inn wile IMS guests can join Nives Meroi and Silvio Mondinelli climb Sattelberg peak. Starting from 4 pm Krzysztof Wielicki from Poland, Andy Holzer from Austria und Steve House from the US will invite to their talks.

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