Kalymnos: A Sport Climber´s Paradise

It is said that the Greek island of Kalymnos boasts well over 500 climbs. While I haven't got that verified the truth is that there is a colossal amount of rock to climb here. The rock is top quality solid limestone, there is something for everybody with grades from 5a to 9a and the island is loaded with great sport climbing. The island gained a world-wide recognition in 2000 when around 200 hundreds climbers from all around the world took part in an international climbing event that was a milestone for Kalymnos. Since then, thousands of amateurs as well as some of the biggest names in climbing visited the island putting it all on the international map.

Kalymnos is surrounded by some of the finest limestone crags in the world, offering a huge range of climbing on slabs, big walls, overhangs and tufas to suit every level and style. In some respects the rock resembles that of Thailand, only a little sharper.

There are tons of sport crags – mainly west and south facing – with over two thousand routes. You will be definitely not bored here. The majority of the routes on Kalymnos are single-pitch with many great routes suitable for all levels. Whether you come to the island discover climbing or climb new, challenging routes, you will be not disappointed.

One of the guides who know Kalymnos like the palm of his hand is Simon Montmory, Kalymnos resident, a certified climbing instructor (French National Diploma), passionate climber and route setter (to find about what Simon represents, check out below video). Every year, climbers from all over the world come to share his passion and to take advantage of his experience to improve their rock climbing skills in the best routes of Kalymnos and also Telendos islands.

All year Simon runs 5 days climbing courses, private tuition and multi-pitch. Here, bolting a 6b in Saint Photis, Kalymnos

Telendos is another gem. Some might think that this little island that is only a 10 minute boat trip from Kalymnos's coastal village Myrties would be overshadowed by the popularity of its bigger brother but not so. If you seek very few people, and no cars, Telendos is the right place to be. Spectacular cliffs, new routes and tranquility is what many climbers love about this little gem washed by the southeastern Aegean Sea.

View of Telendos, an irresistible island with beautiful landscapes of the endless sea

Although Kalymnos is year-round climbing destination the ideal climbing period is Autumn.

Kalymnos routine - improving technique day-by-day, week-by-week.

Kalymnos is also an ideal place for climbers to push their limits. Not only you can climb at the very edge of your abilities as most of the routes are well protected and falling doesn't represent any danger, but improve very quickly due to a lot of choices as far as the difficulty is concerned. Recently, the island has been used as a destination for some of the most important climbing courses in Europe, mainly due to new, easier routes popping up here, making it a perfect training ground for those who are eager to learn.  All in all, climbing in Kalymnos is one of the best experiences you can get, novice or experienced. Adam Ondra, Chris Sharma, Alex Huber, Shawn McColl or Martina Cufar can't be wrong.

Photos: © KCG


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